"Little Shop" tie in merchandise

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I've been collecting images and whatsits galore that I find on the internet showing fun art and or old merchandise for "Little Shop of Horrors". I'll come back on and post some more tonight...but here our a couple to get started. Would love to see anything anyone else has found, or even owns that was a tie in to the movie/stage show.

Here is the "Feed Me" game from Milton Bradley... LOL

Here is the cover of the comic book (which I have) that was a movie tie in...

...more to come. :-)


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    The Feed Me game is actually a rip-off. They didn't get the LSOH license, as you can tell by the box.

    The movie comic was really, really good. I don't get what was up with Orin's hair, though.
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    Was the original Little Shop in the public domain by that time? Because that would be a good workaround for MB.

    And the comic looks completly awesome.
  • Nope. I have a plastic Audrey II bank (put a penny in its mouth and it opens and swallows - or it least it did). I remember Howard was so impressed that somebody had come out with it, he didn't care that it was a rip off. Which is why artists have agents to care about such things.
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    Sarah, that sounds awesome, I'd love to see a picture of it. I guess these companies got away with more rip offs back in the 80's than they do now. Your last statement is sooo true. I have a friend, Peter Beagle, who is the author of The Last Unicorn which was turned into an animated film in the 80's (he even wrote the screenplay), and his people are STILL going through legal struggles to get him compensated for what the studios gipped him of...all because he was just there to create and didn't think to fine comb the legal stuff. Luckily he has a good manager/agent friend looking out for him now.

    Anyhoo...back to Little Shop...

    Here is one of a set of trading cards that were released of the film. There are a few that feature deleted scenes, like this one where Seymour pulls Orin's head out of his bag to feed Audrey II. The fact that he's still smiling from the laughing gas cracks me up.

  • I've still got one of those Audrey II banks. I will post a photo as soon as I can. The licensing is a strange thing, because the Corman film, including the original Audrey design which the Off-Broadway show re-interpreted, is in the public domain (which is why there are so many crappy video versions). So unless you explicitly tie to to the musical, I'd say just about anybody can get away with selling a "man-eating plant" thingy that looks similar.
  • And by the way, my bank was purchased at DisneyWorld circa 1982 or 83, before I'd even heard of the show. I just always loved the idea of man-eating plants (strange child).
  • The one on the first line of the images page, second from the left, is the one I have, pretty sure Howard bought it for us.
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