The one that always makes me laugh

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Under The Sea


  • Also Rosewater Foundation
  • Typical High School Senior and Cheese Nips come to mind, though there are too many for me alone to list. His sense of humor was pretty incredible.
  • Under The Sea
  • Gaston
    'I use antlers in all of my decorating!'
    Hilarious :)
  • Typical High School Senior, The Mob Song ("...and fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong!"), and High Adventure ("To confrontations so exciting/They're playing music while we're fighting")
  • Fifty frenchman... forgot about that. Truly hilarious
  • So many!
    - Dentist! ...thanks to a very raunchy interpretation by my cast's Orin
    - Be Our Guest
    - Now (It's Just the Gas) ...some of Howard's cleverest word choices
    - Meek Shall Inherit is hilarious in its staging/concept alone

    and of course Howard's demo versions of Friend Like Me and Les Poissons, and there's something about Howard saying "Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, more dialogue, and a joke." on the Arabian Nights demo which also gets me cracked up
  • Agree completely on "dialogue, dialogue" though it also can make me cry because it sounds so much like the Howard I miss.
  • Ive always liked Genie's songs. Friend Like Me and Prince Ali very clever and witty!
  • Agree completely on "dialogue, dialogue" though it also can make me cry because it sounds so much like the Howard I miss.
  • Les Poisson, hands down. Hee hee hee, HAW HAW HAW.
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    "Les Poissons," "Gaston," and my wife's favorite: "Poor Unfortunate Souls." (She still laughs every time she hears, "And don't underestimate the importance of body language -- HA!")
  • I love so many of them, but I was thinking about this thread the other day, and other than the obvious ones like Gaston and the "dialogue, dialogue" thing (what I wouldn't give to hear the other "less formal" demos from the Menken / Ashman Disney years!!), one I realized cracks me up for totally the wrong reasons is the line "run a carwash for the handicapped" in Big Bob's Song on the Smile demo. I just can't help but picture a whole line of people in wheelchairs wheeling themselves through a carwash... ;)
  • Gaston for me. It's such a witty and humorous song compared to the other songs in Beauty and the Beast.
  • Not sure how I forgot my favorite lyric from Little Shop: "It's nice to meet me, the pleasure is yours," from "The Meek Shall Inherit."
  • It has to be between "Cheese Nips", "Friend Like Me", "Gaston", "Dentist", and "I Found A Hobby".
  • Mean Green Mother!
  • Sarah, I was watching one of the clips on youtube again because it makes me laugh - the one where Dennis Green does "A Magician's Work" from the Noel Coward/Tempest "Vexed Vermouth" - and I was trying to transcribe it, and there were some parts I just couldn't get...I was wondering if you could help. I've marked my questions, and put my guesses at the bottom. Oh and I just remembered I can link the video....so I'll do that.

    I can turn a feast for vermin into a gay fillet of fish,
    I can turn a Grecian urn into a handy candy dish,
    If I circumscribe a circle and give my sleeves a swish,
    I can turn the flattest flapjack into a plump potato knish.

    But I don't reserve my magic to the culinary line.
    My assorted [?]*, in a man, can be divined:
    I can take a Mussolini, make a wish upon a star,
    and voila, my darlings! Presto-Chango! in walks FDR.

    I can turn a can of hateful peas into a perfect petit pois,
    and transform the very apes in trees to Mayfair la-dee-da's.
    I turn reprehensive horses to expensive motor cars,
    and wretched girls from Liverpool to motion picture stars.

    Yes, my [?]** served the nation's interests, too.
    I turned Princess Margaret to a frog and no one even knew!
    So potent is my sorcery, omniscient wizards come to me
    begging sundry favors from inventing ice cream flavors,
    to perfecting putrid plumbing in the loo.

    [?]***, too
    A magician's work, my dears, is never through.

    best guesses (you'll notice they get less and less likely):

    * "sweet sea changes"
    ** "vested digitations"
    *** "apple-wrapped tub percolators" (LOL!!)

    here's the vid:

  • One out of three ain't bad?

    *sweet sea changes
    ** prestidigitations
    ***I pull rabbits out of percolators, too
  • fabulous. thank you!
  • Re: Aladdin - Two nights in a row, the audience roared at, "they're playing music while we're fighting," in High Adventure and at the opening night party, at least three people quoted it to me.
  • Two nights in a row at Aladdin, the audience roared at, "They're playing music while we're fighting," in High Adventure. And at the opening night party, at least three people quoted it to me...
  • "Gaston" always makes me laugh, especially the line

    "No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's", but the whole thing is clever!
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    My favorite line in Gaston is "I'm especially good at expectorating!"

    Howard Ashman improved my vocabulary as a child. :D

    Also, not an intentional joke, but Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue in some of the demos (Arabian Nights for example.)

    "Like I told you, I don't do that anymore!" in Poor Unfortunate Souls.
  • In the extended version of "Gaston," I absolutely love the line "Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?". It's one of those meta-comments that makes a nerd like me happy.

    Also, "I Found a Hobby" is hilarious. And it completely blew my mind when I found out that the man that wrote basically 90% of my childhood soundtrack also wrote the line "I found I got a hard-on while the other kids got sick."
  • After listening to my "Ashman Sing-Along" playlist, I was reminded that the line "We'll support you and we'll serve you herbal tea!" in Rosewater Foundation always gives me a good laugh.
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    "Under the Sea", "Friend Like Me" and "Les Poissons" (I can't listen to the latter and keep a straight face!)
  • All of Howard's early demo record. His versions are the best version of the songs, personally :) Sure I love "TEST! TEST! (Howard saying, 'Test of the d'Urbervilles')" and "Dialogue, dialogue" things in Arabian Nights. That informal part of the demo makes me crack up and burst into tears at the same time.

    Among all of Howard's singing demo, I think extremely hilarious things are..
    1) Poor unfortunate souls: His URSULA is perfect.
    2) Be our guest

    No doubt he is really a musical theater person.
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