Howard Documentary Trailer

The new trailer for Don Hahn's documentary is great! Can't wait to see more!

Here's the link for anyone who hasn't seen it:


  • I'm very excited for it, at least :)
  • Thanks for posting this Speilbilde!
  • After seeing this trailer, I'm already anxious for the film to come out in theaters! (Apropos of which, have they set a release date?)
  • Any release date for this yet? :)
  • Nope. Still in production. I think he hopes to have it finished by year end.
  • Thanks for the update! I was mainly wondering because someone on some website I saw was speculating it would come out this month, so I was making sure I didn't miss anything!

    Also, when it does come out, do you know if it's going to show in movie theaters? I'm going to be in NYC for a few days in May (for Alan Menken's concert!!! -- I'm SOOO excited!!!! :) ), so maybe I can see some kind of limited showing while I'm in town, if it's out by then.
  • Hi Andi - I have no idea when it will be in theaters but I doubt it will be May. So sorry - and have a great time at the concert.
  • Aww, thanks for letting me know. Bummer. Oh, well, I'm still definitely going to have a fantastic trip! :)
  • I certainly hope that Walt Disney Pictures will be the ones to distribute the film when it's complete. I think that's one thing that Howard would want.
  • I was so happy when I learned this documentary was finally getting made. I've been a fan of Howard and his work for years. I really hope the release date will be announced soon!
  • I believe it will.....stay tuned.
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