Little Shop recordings available at the Library of Congress

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After contacting the Library of Congress about available materials I could use for Off the Cutting Room Floor, I was sent a complete inventory of the cassette tape collection available in the Howard Ashman Archives. It's an amazing collection and, the best part is, you can listen for free if you have a Reader Identification Card.

There's one catch, however. You can't make copies, and you must listen to it in person and the library itself. For the more information, you can visits the Recorded Sound Research Center section of the LOC's site here: http://www.loc.gov/rr/record/

To view the complete inventory of recordings in the collection, check out the post on the Ashman & Menken Fans Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/disneyashmandemos/1310809608996538/

Here's a complete inventory of the Little Shop tapes in the collection, listed with their identification number.
021 - BMI Session: Howard and Alan perform read thru of the early script and score. (Possibly the abandoned "Corman" inspired score.)

022 - Worktape: Don’t It Go To Show (likely "Ya Never Know"), "Somewhere That‘s Green," Audrey’s Death.

023 - "Early Work": Early versions of the Prologue, Skid Row, Grow For Me, Feed Me, Mushnik & Son, Da-Doo, Feed Me, Suddenly Seymour, Suppertime, The Meek Shall Inherit. Also includes the cut songs The Worse He Treats Me, Feed Me Reprise, We’ll Have Tomorrow, A Little Bit Anemic*, A Little Dental Music, I Found A Hobby, and "Finale"* (possibly the "On the Day That it Started" song Alan performed at 54 Below's reunion concert.)

024 - NY Orpheum Theatre Performance (Oct 9, 1983)

025 - Worktape: An early version of Feed Me "and other musical sketches."

026 - Worktape: An early version of Feed Me.

027 - Worktape: Mushnik & Son, Audrey II. (Also had the description "MISSED CONNECTIONS")

028 - Audrey II Song: A tape of the song Howard presented to the cast and crew for the show's first anniversary.

029 - A March 8, 1984 radio commercial for the show

030 - Howard and Alan interviewed on WBAI Radio.

031 - A performance of the London production (April 6, 1984).

032 - Worktape Of New Songs For Film: Some Fun Now, The Meek Shall Inherit, Bad, Finale (Don’t Feed The Plants).

033 - Demos Of New Songs For Film: "Audrey Two,"* The Meek Shall Inherit, Some Fun Now, Bad (cut). Apr 2, 1985.

034 - Film Soundtrack: Rick Moranis, The Meek Shall Inherit. (Likely vocals with simple piano or synth track.) April 2, 1985.

035 - Film Soundtrack: Ellen Greene, Somewhere That's Green. (Likely vocals with simple piano or synth track.) April 2, 1985.

036 - Film Soundtrack: Some Fun Now, Some Fun Now #2, The Meek Shall Inherit intro, Bad. (Likely vocals with simple piano or synth track.) April 4, 1985.

037 - Same as 036.

038 - Demo Tape: Some Fun Now, Little Shop of Horrors (film)

039 - A tape of two versions each of "Some Fun Now" and "Little Shop of Horrors." (Likely either demos or recording sessions for the soundtrack.)

040 - Film Songs & Scenes. Produced by Frank Oz. "Ashman as Mushnik, Orin, Audrey II and others."

041 - Demo: Bad Like Me (cut). July 19, 1985.

042 - Dentist, Versions 1 & 4. Nov, 14, 1986. (Due to the date, this is likely copies of the final mixes for the film.)

043 - Film Song Demos: Git It,* Mean Green Mother, Crystal Ronnette & Chiffon, Little Shop of Horrors.

044 - Crystal Ronnette & Chiffon demo. Howard's vocals. May 16, 1986.

045 - Crystal Ronnette & Chiffon demo. Howard's vocals.

046 - Your Day Begins Tonight. Worktape and demo.

047 - Your Day Begins Tonight. Rough and finished demos. Sketches for Shing-A-Ling*.

048 - Worktape: Bad Like Me, Your Day Begins Tonight.

049 - Film Demos: Thundercrash (cut), Bad.

050 - Film Demos: Thundercrash, Bad, Thundercrash (Dance) (cut).

051 - Film Demos: Thundercrash (early), Bad (early).

052 - Film Demo: Mean Green Mother. Howard's vocal. Feb 2, 1986.

053 - Film Score Music. Alan Menken. Chopping Scene.*

054 - Film Score Music. Seymour Chopping Scene (Grapevine, A Little Chopping Music).*

055 - Vocal performances by Brad Moranz. Replacement NY Seymour. (No selections from Little Shop.)

056 - Rock Moranis, Audition Tape. Grow for Me.

057 - Recording of French production.

058 - Demo Tape - Boris Bergman's French translation. July 31, 1984.

059 - French recording. (Possibly a cast recording or demo.)

060 - "Foreign Production Cast Album"

061 - Japan recording. (Possibly a cast album or performance recording.)

062 - Production in Stavanger, Norway. Likely a performance recording. Oct 24 1983.

063 - LA BOTIGA DELS HORRORS. Foreign Production Cast Album.
*previously unknown


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    An interesting factoid can be inferred from this list.

    Sometime around April of 1985, as preproduction on Little Shop was underway (leading up to the start of film's shooting in October of that year), the actors began recording their parts of the score. During this chunk of recording, Rick Moranis recorded Seymour's Soliloquy in "The Meek Shall Inherit" and Ellen Green recorded "Somewhere That's Green" on April 2.

    Two days later, it appears Tichina Arnold, Michelle Weeks, and Tisha Campbell recorded selections of The Urchins' parts of the score, likely with session singers, including the introduction to "The Meek Shall Inherit" and "Some Fun Now". Also included in this recording session is a listing for "Bad."

    Though later replaced by "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space," it appears as though "Bad" made it far into the production of the film, as not only was it storyboarded in preparation for shooting, the demo to "Mean Green Mother" is dated February 2, 1986, four months into filming.

    EDIT: This theory has been disproven. Turns out, the 2/2/86 demo to "Mean Green Mother" was actually a demo recorded by Levi Stubbs.
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