What is Canon for Little Shop Of Horrors?

I've been looking at the LSOH Demos, such as "I Found A Hobby", and I was wondering, should we consider this as part of Orin's backstory, or not? Seeing that it wasn't actually in the show, is it canon?
The same question I've been wondering for the Little Shop cartoon series, although I highly doubt that it is canon, as it isn't remotely similar to LSOH besides the characters. If it's considered canon for anything, it would be the Roger Corman version.


  • Neither Howard nor Alan had anything to do with the cartoon series, so no, not canon. In my view, cut material is just that, cut. I would only use or consider what was written and published as part of the final production as canon. The cut songs are offered as little niblets of theater history, fun to contemplate and an interesting insight into the creative process. Nothing more. I'm glad you asked, thank you.
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