"I Want" Songs in Ballad Form

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Apropos of my discussion concerning the placement of "I want" songs in musicals, I have recently realized that many such songs are written as ballads- more specifically, power ballads (which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, are defined as slow, soft songs with a strong, emotional vocal delivery and often grandiose production). The best examples that I can name are "Part of Your World" (THE LITTLE MERMAID), "Corner of the Sky" (PIPPIN), "Somewhere That's Green" (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS),"Just Around the Riverbend" (POCAHONTAS), and "Go the Distance" (HERCULES).

Why is it the case that so many "I want" songs have been in this format? I'm very curious.


  • Hey, I learned "Corner of the Sky" with my genius Voice teacher in college in preparation for an audition! :)
  • "I Want"-songs (I prefer to call them "establishing songs", because sometimes what the character wants isn't what will happen in the end, or sometimes they don't even KNOW what they want) can be up-tempo tunes, too. Think of "Something's Coming" from WEST SIDE STORY, "Some People" from GYPSY or "Wouldn't it Be Loverly?" from MY FAIR LADY, just to name a few more classics.
  • Actually BELLE is not.. I think BELLE is 'I want' song too,
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