Not Enough Songs for Ariel?

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I've been thinking about the songs written for Ariel in all of the iterations of LITTLE MERMAID. She was written as having "the most beautiful singing voice anyone has ever heard" (which Jodi Benson delivered in spades), but surprisingly, in the original film, she only has the one song, "Part of Your World". However, she has been given even more musical opportunities in the TV series, the short-lived Broadway show, the direct-to-video sequel and prequel, and the "Ariel and Friends" compilation CD. Chief among these songs are:

1. "I Remember" (THE LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL'S BEGINNING)- written by Jeanine Tesori
2. "One Dance" ("Ariel and Friends")- written by Chris Martin
3. "In Harmony" (THE LITTLE MERMAID television series)
4. "The World Above" (THE LITTLE MERMAID Broadway cast)- lyrics by Glenn Slater, vocals by Sierra Boggess
5. "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" (THE LITTLE MERMAID Broadway cast)
6. "If Only" (THE LITTLE MERMAID Broadway cast)- quartet with Sean Palmer, Norm Lewis and Titus Burgess
8."For a Moment" (THE LITTLE MERMAID 2)- duet with Tara Strong
9. "Here on the Land and Sea" (THE LITTLE MERMAID 2)- with Tara Strong, Sam Wright and chorus

Based on this, I am inclined to believe that Ariel is grossly underrepresented musically in the original film. Howard and Alan really ought to have written at least one other song for her. (Apropos of the subject, the Broadway songs "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" and "If Only" sound as though they could have had a place in the movie.)


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    Of all of the above songs, the ones that I feel are on a par with "Part of Your World" are "I Remember", "One Dance" and "If Only".
  • Pacing-wise I don't really see how they could fit any more songs into The Little Mermaid. It would take too much away from the progression of the plot to put another song into the first part of it (while she still has her voice), and I think that while the songs she "thinks" work fine in the Broadway production, it would feel really out of place and kind of forced in a movie.

    Oh and technically, Ariel has two songs, not one. Part of Your World also has a Reprise. Also, Ariel's voice sings Vanessa's Song. So it's not like there's nothing there.
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