If Howard's Life were Told in a Film, Who to Cast?

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In connection to the IMDb message board about the possibility of Howard's life being told in a biopic (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0039141/board/nest/15372358?ref_=nm_bd_6), who do you think ought to be cast as Howard? Does anyone have a particular actor in mind?


  • On a personal note, I'm thinking that Howard would best be played by David Hyde Pierce; I'm not sure about the other guys.

    So, who do you guys want to see in such a film? Please leave a comment.
  • I'd personally hate a biopic/Hollywood style retelling of Ashman's life. They are pretty much never even close to being true to the life of they're about and quite frankly I don't wish a overly fictionalized version of his life to be a thing people refer to as the truth. But maybe that's just me being negative.

    As for who I'd cast if it was ultimately going to happen either way? I'd personally choose someone young; it's easier to make younger people look older than the other way around. Daniel Radcliffe? (Okay, so maybe he was just the first young actor I could think of. But I'm sticking with it because I'm stubborn. Though I would always choose an unknown actor over a big star.)
  • @Speilbilde OK, then how about a documentary, in the vein of WALT: THE MAN BEHIND THE MYTH (a documentary on the life and career of Walt Disney)?
  • I would pick Justin Kirk (who played Andy in Weeds, and was also AMAZING in the HBO production of Angels in America).
  • If such a thing happened, I'd kind of like to not be around.
  • @Sarah_Ashman - I guess that was basically what I was trying to say, too. Heh. I hate biopics.

    @Jordan - Never seen that, but I have also not seen/read a single piece about Walt Disney that isn't too biased in either direction. I hate the saint-or-demon thing people end up with whenever they tell stories about him. I vaguely remember reading about a potential Howard Ashman-documentary a while back (and I mean years ago; I think it even was on this forum?) but I think that project fell apart.

    (For the record, I literally can't see Radcliffe in this role but I'm still stubbornly sticking with him because I don't know a single young actor. I'm not hip and cool like the youngsters.)
  • Haha this thread is making me laugh for some reason!

    I vote Chris Colfer if such a thing did ever exist. He is creative and musical and speaks with so much animation!
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