Disneyland Attractions

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@Sarah_Ashman It's obvious that Howard loved Disneyland, what were his favorite attractions? And what are yours? Also did Howard ever go to DisneyWorld?


  • The only attractions that I distinctly remember from my trips there in summer 2003 were Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the Jungle Cruise.

    On a personal note, I hope to someday visit Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  • For some reason, I'd love it if the answer was Space Mountain. Haha. And just out of personal curiosity I would like to expand @Danielle_McKenna123's Disney World question with "EPCOT?"

    @Jordan - Animal Kingdom's kind of a weird choice... Why is that the park you specifically want to go to? Anything in particular you want to see, or do you just really like animals? Haha.
  • Danielle, I don't really know, though I do remember doing Space Mountain (!!Speilbilde) with Howard and Bill and my husband. Howard thought I was the one screaming so loudly behind him (I wasn't) and apologized to me for making me go on the ride.
  • @Sarah_Ashman Thank you for answering! That's pretty funny that he thought that was you screaming! Y'all don't seem like screamers! :) 2 Follow up questions, what was Howard's favorite Disneyland character, and what was his favorite Disneyland food, since he was a foodie?
  • That's a great story, Sarah. Thanks for sharing that. I love Space Mountain. (Though my favorite ride is the Carousel of Progress, haha. Not Disneyland though.)
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