Stage Musicals Adapted to the Screen

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I've often pondered over the notion of adapting stage musicals to the screen.

It's really amazing to know that there are so many of them: Those that I have actually seen are "Dreamgirls", "Les Misérables (2012)", "Little Shop of Horrors (1986)", "The King and I (1999)", "Evita", "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", "Funny Girl", "Cabaret (1972)", "The Sound of Music", "Hairspray (2007)" and "Annie (1982)". Were these shows all made into movies simply for its sake, or to somehow encourage fans of the live shows to expose their descendants to them, thus keeping them alive?


  • Apropos of the subject, I recently found out that there are plans to adapt "Pippin" into a movie! (How do ya like that?)
  • Just from a Hollywood perspective, adapting a musical means not having to make a new story (which is always a risk) and it comes with a built-in group of guaranteed audience members because it already has fans connected to it who in turn will spread the word of it/bring their friends, so there's free marketing.

    Maybe it's a bit cynical, but in my experience the answer is pretty much always about the money.
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