Animated Classics Remade in Live-Action

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It has come to my attention that the Walt Disney Company has decided to remake some more of their animated classics in live action. This has been done so far with 101 DALMATIANS (remade in 1996) and SLEEPING BEAUTY (in the form of MALEFICENT). Well, just recently, I found out that they are also making live-action versions of DUMBO, THE JUNGLE BOOK, CINDERELLA, and (Zeus preserve us) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

I ask you, what is the POINT of remaking these films in live action? It is a waste of time and resources, not to mention downright sacrilegious (in my opinion)!


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    I agree with Frank Oz in his opinions of remakes, which is this: If what they're doing with a remake is something that's different from the original film, there's no reason is shouldn't be made. To use his example, the remake of "Death at a Funeral" is justified, because it took the story, which was a British farce, and recast it with black actors and performers, which gave it a different sensibility.

    To me, everything I've been seeing Disney doing is justified. "Maleficent" is a non-musical (as far as I know) retelling of "Sleeping Beauty," with the main focus being turned away from Aurora to Maleficent. With that, it becomes a different movie with a different story to tell. "Cinderella," which I'm very excited for, looks like it'll be a non-musical, more realistic version (since I cannot see Helena Bonham Carter singing Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo based on what's been released) that's a bit more faithful to the original "Cendrillon" version by Charles Perrault. ("'Cinder wench!' 'Dirty Ella!' 'Cinderella! That's what we'll call you!'") Just by turning the original, musical film into a non-musical creates a whole different take on the story.

    Beauty and the Beast? As far as I can tell, and there's been no confirmation on this, I assume it'll be based more off of the musical adaptation than on the original film. A film version of the musical was in works at Disney for a while that went nowhere. It makes sense to me that they would have restarted work on it amid this influx of remakes. Plus, I'm excited anytime there the chance Howard's work is being revived in some way, and at the chance of a new recording. (That is, assuming Emma Watson's singing and dancing comments weren't just her jumping the gun and making assumptions, since it's not been confirmed whether or not it'll be a musical. Based off the fact that the writer and director of "Dreamgirls" is involved, and she says she has to start singing lessons, I feel safe in assuming that it'll be a musical.)

    "The Jungle Book" and "Dumbo" I'm less excited about. I'll keep an open mind about "The Jungle Book," since it has the potential to be a beautiful film, Richard Sherman is writing new songs for it, the casting seems great, and I love the original film so much, but "Dumbo" just feels unnecessary to me. That just doesn't look like it'll work in live action.

    Also, alot of people seem to forget that these remakes won't effect the original films or our experience with them at all. Disney isn't going back and destroying the originals and our memories of them. They're simply making another, new movie that is only connected to the original in terms of story and characters.

    Will "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast" be terrible? I don't know; I haven't seen them. Once I see them, I'll decide. If they are, then okay. I'll just never watch them again and stick to the original.
  • ^ Totally agree with those two last paragraphs.

    But yeah, I mostly just find it dull. I've just seen so many adaptations of most of these tales already that unless they do something *completely* different with it I'm personally just not going to be interested. Mostly because there's so many other stories out there they could choose from that's not already movies that could be neat to see. (Remaking stuff doesn't necessarily mean they can't make those, of course; it just means it'll take a little more time.)

    I don't think it's bad that they're doing it, though. The movies may turn out rad, but just for me personally none of the movies have so far had anything announced that's made me want to see 'em. Then again, everything except Cinderella is so far away that it's too early for me to say anything for sure. I'm keeping an eye on them and then when they're released I'll see if I find it worth spending my money on or not.

    And yea, I'd probably go see a musical-BatB simply because, like @JustinKudwa says - I'm here for any new version of Ashman's stuff. The musical is good, after all, so why not.
  • Perhaps I should add that, a while ago, a friend of mine on Google+ said that Disney's MULAN is also being remade in live action.
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