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Can't wait to see Aladdin on stage in Seattle with all the songs that Howard and Alan originally wrote (including Proud of Your Boy). Not to mention Howard's original storyline (more or less, anyway). Saw a workshop of it a while back and it was terrific.


  • Ahh! This will probably be the first year I won't be in Seattle during this time, and of the shows I've been able to see, this one would definitely beat them on my "wanting to see" list. I'm so excited to see what they do with it. I'm very happy they made the choice to include more of Howard's material.
  • I'm glad those cut songs/story are finally getting the chance to be seen. Why couldn't a disney movie have like a dozen songs! Seriously, it seems all the movies have like 6 or 7 songs... I love all the cut Aladdin songs
  • What's interesting is that they're not really cut songs. This show is based on Howard's original concept - which is very different from the final movie - which really got going after Howard's death (though he knew that they weren't going to use the original idea). I think it was long ago agreed that animated films can only sustain six songs - I think it probably has to do with the length of a movie and the target audience - but I could be wrong. Anyone know the answer?
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    No, your about right. An animated film today sometimes about 80-90 min, and sometimes the creators have to choose what to put in and what not.

    Speaking in which, I heard that the original voice actor for Jafar is going to be reprising his role on strage. That's something interesting: a person replaying a role they played on screen. Just seems interesting to me.
  • Thanks. I'm planning to be at the opening in Seattle July 21. Alan Menken sent me a short update from rehearsals. He says it's going great.
  • A friend posted this on FB - Courtney Reed (Jasmine) doing "Call Me a Princess" on a Seattle morning show. And of course the host says it's a "never-before-heard" song (and I'm like ummm I know all the words.) LOL. Song starts around 1:30, and the interview after was nice, too.
  • Thanks for posting this, Laurs. This didn't come up on Google so I never would have seen it without you! Can't wait to see the show.
  • The 5th Avenue Theater has posted another "new" song - Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim!! :)

    I wish I could go see this!!! Sadly, NY state is rather too far from Seattle. :(
  • I would love to go see the show, but living at the other side of the country is alittle bit of a road block. I hope that there'll be at least a cast album, so I can at least hear the songs.
  • Sweet! I hadn't seen this video, yet!
  • Hi everyone,

    Just found this amazing site through twitter and wanted to say just how much Howard and Alan's work means to me. Aladdin has been my favorite film since I first saw it back in 93 (UK was a year behind back then) and I've been a fan of Disney and musicals ever since. I even flew from the UK to Denver to see the opening of The Little Mermaid a few years ago (I don't think I've ever cried so much at the end of a show, the end of the film always gets me but seeing in on stage was just magical).

    I'd love to see Aladdin in Seattle, but I'm getting married tomorrow! Luckily my fiancee is a big fan as well, so we're making Howard and Alan's music a big part of our wedding having Beauty and the Beast sung in the service and songs like Friend Like Me, Under the Sea and Be Our Guest played during the reception before ending the night with the reprise of Arabian Nights (which nicely closes the evening as A Whole New World is the first dance)

    For everyone that can't see the show, check out the full Spotlight Night for Aladdin which features Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim, Call Me a Princess, Why Me and A Whole New World;

  • Congratulations Chris. Hope your wedding is beautiful (it'll definitely be tuneful).
  • Sarah, do you know if there's going to be a cast album for the show?
  • I want to see this so badly, but I bet it'll be a failure due to "not being like the movie".
  • Thanks Sarah. It went beautifully and it was very tuneful :)

    Justin - right now there's no plans for a CD :( Just cross your fingers that today's reviews are amazing and Disney decide to take the show to Broadway!

    Surprised no one's posted these yet;


    A 6 minute preview of the show featuring interviews with Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), Courtney Reed (Jasmine) and James Monroe Iglehart (Genie) as well as brief looks at Friend Like Me and High Adventure!

    And one of the new songs for the show - A Million Miles Away;

  • I wonder: when Ashman wrote the lyrics for Friend Like Me, did he have any idea that the figures of speech like "ammunition in your camp" and "life is your restaurant" would be shown LITERALLY?
  • Good question - I have no idea...
  • A Million Miles Away was written for the show by Alan Menken and Chad Beguelin.
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    Finally got around to writing a blog post about the Seattle performance. Jet lag is not my friend...

    Proud Of Your Boy:
  • Are the Aladdin demos on Howard Sings Ashman and the ones on the 4th disk of Music Behind the Magic all from the same demo recording, or were there multiple demos made?
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    Not sure about "Arabian Nights", but there are two different demos for "Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kasim". The "Call Me a Princess" demo has a work-tape excerpt tacked on the beginning of it on Howard Sings Ashman so it would fit on the set. (Alan's the one who sings the finished demo.)

    It's the same with "Mermaid" and "Beast". The Music Behind the Magic set tend to have more "studio demos", while Howard Sings Ashman tend to have more "work-tape demos".
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    So... Broadway? http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/07/mary-poppins-to-fly-off-as-aladdin-lands-on-broadway/

    I mean, it might just be a rumour still, but as far as I've heard all performances so far of the show as is have been pretty successful. I know the one in Denmark sold out all nights, at least. I would love for it to hit Broadway.

    EDIT: It's OFFICIAL! http://www.aladdinbroadway.com/
    Broadway in 2014. Time to acquire a plane ticket and go to NYC! ;)
  • You could go to Toronto first : )
  • Hah, I wish! I'm already doubting that my bank account will allow for a NYC trip... Transatlantic flights are really more expensive than they should be. ;)
  • I'm bumping this because Aladdin is doing so well... The Tony Awards. The Drama Desk Awards. Both of those have Aladdin for Best Musical AND score/music/lyrics and it's just really really amazing to me. :) Fingers crossed for some wins! I've heard only great things.
  • Thanks, Spellblde. Fingers crossed here, too.
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    I found this and thought it was pretty cool. In anticipation of this year's Tonys, Bill Phair, creator of The JudyCast, recorded a cover of "Arabian Nights" as Judy Garland.

  • I live in Palo Alto, California, and cannot afford to fly across the continent to New York to see the new "Aladdin" show. I'll have to wait until it comes to the Bay Area (either San Francisco or San Jose); I really hope that it will get here SOON.
  • Since I'm on a roll I might as well mention that I finally got to see Aladdin this weekend and it was amazing. "High Adventure" was such a thrill to see in the story. One of my favorite songs ever written.
  • Speilbilde, I love High Adventure, too. Sadly, it seldom gets much attention in reviews/critiques of the show (there's music playing while we're fighting).
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