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I know there are recordings of a few of the songs listed under Misc. Songs on the "Songs" page of this site, but I'm curious to know about the ones that don't have recordings (or at least not ones that the mere public gets to hear...) ;)

The Count’s Lament
Aria For A Cow
Burning Bush
The Nightmare

What were these songs written for? What are they about? I heard that Aria For A Cow was on Sesame Street. Is that true? Please, more information (and post demos...hey, I can dream!) :)


  • Hi Andi,

    Thanks for the question. All of these songs were written by Howard and Alan and there are no demos (except for Nightmare, and that one's not available)

    Howard and Alan wrote Brown, Count's Lament and Aria on spec for Sesame Street but none were picked up. I have hopes for a future on at least one of them but I can't tell you anything more...yet.

    Burning Bush, like Daughter of God, was an attempt at writing a pop standard. Bill Lauch (Howard's life partner) tells me that Howard found it difficult to write a song that wasn't for a specific character or a specific moment in a show - which makes writing pop songs tough.

    The Nightmare was written at the request of the Academy Awards show as a possible opening number. It listed, in amusing fashion, all of the big movies and stars of that year. It wasn't used.

  • While it's certainly true that demos were never made of these songs, surely there must be sheet music to these songs logged away... or did Alan Menken really improvise all those songs? A nagging insistence I've recently had.

    In the event that sheet music was never logged away, then these are truly lost songs.

    Finally, would it be legal infringement if I were to, say, reverse-engineer the music I hear in the demo tapes of songs from lost musicals and miscellaneous songs? If it is, I won't pursue it.
  • I'm sure Alan wasn't tickling the ivories without writing anything down but I don't have the sheet music and it certainly wasn't published. But it is copyrighted and owned by Howard and Alan, it would not be Kosher to reverse-engineer.

    Nothing is actually lost. We have all sorts of projects in the works which may absolutely bring new life to a few of these songs.
  • Well, let me just say that if you need someone to sing on a demo recording, totally free of charge, I volunteer! :)
  • I'll keep it in mind : ) !!!
  • Thanks for the answer, Sarah.

    I just recently had another question concerning these miscellaneous songs:

    What if just the lyrics were posted? Would that be kosher?

    As an undergraduate music student (and an amateur musical writer), it would be a great research supplement into word-smithing.
  • It's something to think about. I'd prefer that others not post the lyrics, though. Let me talk with Bill and ponder...
  • I would LOVE to see the lyrics! :)
  • Check out today's blog. You inspired me.
  • Yay!!! Thank you! :) :)
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