A Peek into Howard's Mind

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First, a little exposition...

Some time ago, I was interested in the creation and production of a bioplay about the life of Howard Ashman. I found it to be the best way I could think of to express my gratitude to a man amongst a select few who have truly influenced my life. Being legally minded, I inquired of his life rights by asking living relatives (i.e. the site's creator; thank you again Sarah for your promptness in the matter). I was turned down, but I swallowed my pride, accepted my circumstances, and kept the finished first draft of the play within easy reach.

The purpose of my experimental play was to show the creative means by which Howard nurtured his ideas and turned them into fully realized productions and memorable songs.

With that in mind, there is an ultimate question that my idea for a bioplay would hope to answer, but now I leave to the mercy of the discussion board. That question is...

Did Howard ever disclose his methods behind how he brought a song to life (from inception all the way up to becoming a tangible, playable entity)? If so, what was his process?
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