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This year I want to put the pieces in place for a book about Howard.

The book I envision will have lots of photos, personal stories and musings from people who knew and worked with Howard, unfinished or cut lyrics, and maybe some learned explication of Howard’s lyrics and other writings, as well.

There are obvious people to speak to and things to include in this, of course. But I’m throwing this out there to you. What am I missing? Who would you like to hear from?

Rules of the game:

Please limit yourself to no more than two paragraphs or ten bullet points per post.

Remember, this is a site for everyone. Once you post, please wait for someone else to write before adding another message.

Think outside the box and have fun.


  • @Sarah_Ashman Well, except maybe for perhaps including some quotes from Howard himself, I think there's not that much left to add; you've got the list down to a "T".
  • @Sarah_Ashman
    1. I posted a discussion back in October about maybe an interview with Alan Menken's daughters since I heard you say in a podcast that Howard loved to babysit them, and he obviously loved children, but I didn't know if it was a good idea since they were probably too young to have clear memories of him.
    2. Childhood friends of his like Sandy Schlossberg.
    3. Kyle Renick
    4. Other living family members like cousins.
  • Thanks Danielle, Kyle's definitely on the list. I hadn't thought of childhood friends but I like that, too.
  • @Sarah_Ashman
    No problem Ms. Ashman! :)
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    @Danielle_McKenna123 This is not necessarily apropos of this discussion, but I posted a few discussions which I would LOVE for you to take a look at: "My Favorite African Musical Tracks, and perhaps Howard's", "Howard's Life as a Film: Would that be a Good Idea?", "If Howard's Life were Told in a Film, Who to Cast?", "People Who Made the Disney Renaissance Possible, as Biblical Characters", and "Howard as "New Walt"".

    In addition, I recently commented on "Books that would make great musicals". Let me know what you think of my ideas, if you please.
  • Yes, Elizabeth, Bill and I are talking about the book. He's very much a part of it.
  • I'd definitely love to hear about the WPA and that era Off-Broadway. There's a rich history of theaters like Circle Rep and the early days of Playwrights Horizons (and so many other now-defunct theaters) that often goes untold, and the WPA is part of that history.

    Any look into Howard's creative process in creating lyrics would fascinate me as well.
  • I'm trying to think in terms of pivot points - def. the WPA was a major one. So was Circle Rep, where Howard's first (and only) full length play, The Confirmation, was workshopped.
  • I'm realizing there was also a trajectory, a kind of shaking down, of creative outlets that culminated in writing and, specifically, lyrics.
  • I had no idea Howard was associated with Circle Rep. Being a Lanford Wilson fan, I've always been fascinated by that theater! Very cool!
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    What immediately comes to my mind is Faith Prince, or any of the replacement casts of Little Shop that worked with Howard, Dennis Green, and Connie Grappo. And if it hasn't been suggested yet, perhaps Frank Oz.
  • I know I'm about a month late, but I wonder if you could get some new recordings made of some of the "missing" songs, and include a CD or access to the recordings.
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