Relationship with Frank Oz

edited June 2012 in Disney
Considering how closely Howard worked with Frank Oz on the Little Shop of Horrors film, I've always wondered how close they were to each other. Were they purely business buddies, or did they have a very close relationship, considering both of them were extremely creative individuals who sought to entertain others.

It's interesting that Howard joined Disney around the time that Jim Henson and Co. were working with the company and the theme parks (as well as being wooed by Michael Eisner), especially with filming Muppet*Vision 3D. Did Howard and Mr. Oz bump into each other at the Disney Studios lot while Howard was working on Mermaid and Oz on Muppet*Vision?


  • Actually, Howard and Frank Oz weren't particularly close. At least, not that I ever heard from him. Strictly business - but not buddies, to my knowledge.
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