Mean Green Mother from Outer Space

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How would one adapt the song "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space" into a number in the stage musical, and I mean as part of the story, not as a song for the curtain call, and could they use both "Ya never know" and "Some fun now" both in the musical, one as a regular song and one as a reprise? Are both of those things even possible, how would you guys imagine those scenes from the film worked into the stage musical?


  • Just a simple random thought
  • nope.avi

    That's a bad idea, and certainly not legal under MTI's restrictions.
  • Howard and Alan wrote a gem of a musical. Every word and every note was considered, worked and reworked - that is why it plays so well and has withstood the test of time. I've never understood the need to change something everyone professes to love. That's the reason MTI is so strict (and I love them for it).

    Actors and directors are free to interpret the words and music as they're written but the work itself doesn't need to be changed, fixed or improved.

    The movie was a different animal but the stage musical is the stage musical and it really should stand as it was written.
  • BTW, it might be interesting to offer some of the cut songs, etc. in a cabaret piece as an adjunct to the musical (maybe the following week or something, just thinking out loud here). I have no problem at all with the interest in those songs - in fact, I love it - just not in the context of the stage show itself.
  • I agree that "Mean Green" totally does not belong in the stage show, for aesthetic as well as simple practical considerations. But I have to say I have always loved "We'll Have Tomorrow" since I first heard it back in the 1990s at the "Hundreds of Hats" cabaret. I do regret they cut that - but I wonder why they didn't change the reference to it during "Don't Feed the Plants." Any idea why that is?

    It's funny you'd mention a cabaret of cut songs - that is an idea I'm actually working on right now! The idea is to do an evening of songs cut from various shows, and of course I'm including "WHT." Was very glad to see that the sheet music is available on MusicNotes.

    On the same topic, has "Your Day Begins Tonight" ever been recorded? I certainly can't find it if so.
  • Good God, Mondo, you may be the only person outside of family and friends who saw and remembers Hundreds of Hats. We moved too soon on it but I still remember it fondly.

    Both Howard and Alan loved WHT so they left that little snippet in, a sort of homage to a song that slowed down the show but, as I say, both men loved.

    Don't think Your Day Begins has ever been recorded.

  • I am listening to those cut songs as we speak, made my eye water halfway through WHT
  • I say that, if you're singing along to Little Shop songs on your iPod, and you don't get choked up and have to wipe away a tear at the end of WHT, you're doing it wrong.
  • I was bawling after
  • I sang that song to my fiance to get her to sleep last night, because she was so scared about something when I called her, and she wanted to hear my singing voice, so I sang "We'll have tomorrow" to her
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