My Personal Thoughts on Demos (Feel free to put in your two cents, though.)

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Recently, I have come into the habit of comparing demos of songs with the final recordings, which everyone knows. In certain cases, I think that demos sound much better, and nothing can truly beat the writers' performances, seeing that they truly express what it is that they want the songs to be like.

What does anyone else here have to say about this? Are there certain songs where one prefers the demo over the final recording? I'd be very interested to know.


  • I love hearing demos! The ones I've heard from Little Shop are a joy. It is awesome to hear songs in a raw, rough form, like seeing the pencil sketches for a painting. The painting is usually superior, but often lacks the raw vitality of inspiration that demos do.

    Just off the top of my head, I particularly like the demo for the cut song "Camouflage" that appears on the MAME soundtrack, and I've heard a demo for "Razzle Dazzle 'Em" from CHICAGO that is funnier than looser than the final version IMO.

    As for LITTLE SHOP I adore the demo version of "Feed Me" with its alternate lyrics, and of course the demo for "We'll Have Tomorrow" is a treasure.
  • Oh yeah, I am also a big fan of The Who and Pete Townshend, and his demos are legendary...some of which vie neck & neck for favorite version.
  • I adore demos, and I love it whenever I find a new one. (Truthfully, if I didn't, DisneyAshmanDemos would need to find better management.) I just love hearing and comparing the differences, and I have a field-day with things like the three different iterations of "Poison in My Pocket."

    There's also stuff I found, that got replaced, that I adore and end up being my favorite songs. "Lady Hyacinth Abroad" works far better for the final show, but "Patience" is still hilarious and one of my favorite Gentleman's Guide songs.
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