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I am currently working on a fan remake of Aladdin, merely as a tribute to Howard by including his cut songs along with the ones heard in the film, similar to the 5th Avenue stage version but with some differences, (Including the opening songs from Aladdin and the King of Thieves) Should I send it to Alan Menken and Howard's sister or not? The film is not for profit, but merely as a tribute to the great composer known as Howard Ashman


  • The film will be live action, using a combination of practical and CGI effects, any opinions, questions, comments, or concerns?
  • I love the idea of it. Just make sure you go over the script, multiple times, with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure every-thing work, and make sure you have no un-needed fat or shoe leather.
  • Austin, I got your email and haven't responded because I hate saying no. But a few points here: The Aladdin you're talking about - the songs (whether used in the film or not), the scripts, the screenplay, the whole shebang is owned by Disney so neither we nor Alan nor anyone else involved in this can give you a go ahead. Only Disney can. And I don't think they're likely to do that or that they'd care whether it's a fan project or not. It doesn't matter if it's for profit or not, either.

    So now you know. As happy as I am that you're a great fan and as much as I understand that you're doing this from the heart, I can't condone this and I'd rather not get a copy.

  • Yeah, it would be a bad idea, oh well, it was fun writing it though just for fun.
  • Sorry for bothering you
  • I'm canning the project right now, besides, I've got to work on preparing for college.
  • Austin,
    Probably canning it is a good move but I hope you don't sour on writing, producing, directing or anything else in the creative arts. It's all good - but it's best if it's your own. Good luck with college.
  • You are right, thank you, and I am working on a musical film about Indigo Children, if you know what those are. I will do my best to be a great animator and storyteller, and who knows, I may work with Alan someday, as said in Little Shop, "It just goes to show, ya never know."
  • I am going to make Walt Disney and Howard proud from up above, just you wait!
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    I have written a musical based on the three years of High School spent with my now fiance (yeah I am engaged now) with my fiance's half sister, if you wish to read it Miss Gillespie, you can. I made some references to Howard in it as well

  • austin_aladdinremake:

    What a striking coincidence. I wrote a musical comedy over the course of the summer. I'm still ironing the kinks in it and got a few songs left to orchestrate, but I'm gonna get my local community theater to produce it in the following year.

    Start a separate thread and we can talk more about it.
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