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Howard is credited as the lyricist for SMILE, I know, but I read in BROADWAY MUSICALS: THE 101 GREATEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME that the original lyricist was Carolyn Leigh, and Howard came on to the project when she died during production. Just a little tidbit I thought I would bring up.


  • The timing you have isn't exactly right. Marvin Hamlisch held the rights and had worked on the show with Ms. Leigh. Not knowing this, years later, Howard looked into getting the rights, Carolyn Leigh had died but Hamlisch still held the rights and he and Howard decided to work together.
  • @Sarah_Ashman Thanks for the clarification.
  • I just want to put in a good word for Carolyn Leigh-- a really, really fine, funny lyricist. I wonder if Howard would agree. If you haven't heard the score for LITTLE ME, you're missing out.
  • Hi John, Love Little Me - and was introduced to it by Howard, who was a great Carolyn Leigh fan. (did you see it at Encores last season?).
  • I did! I was glad to finally see a production, after a while of admiring the score tremendously. I also think it's Cy Coleman's very best, too.
  • Hope you've read the source - the book is wonderful in its own right, and I love whatever brain read it and thought it was a musical. Of course, the hook to the original production was Sid Caesar and I don't know of many who could top him.
  • I have not. It's on my long, long, long list of things to read. Now I'll bump it up a few spots since you've reminded me. I do like Patrick Dennis' work though-- aside from AUNTIE MAME, he wrote a really funny Christmas novella.
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