Ashman and Andersen: Any Connection?

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This question is more intended for Sarah_Ashman than anyone else.

Considering Howard's involvement with Disney's take on LITTLE MERMAID, and his Master's-Thesis adaptation of THE SNOW QUEEN, I have been wondering: Did Howard have a particular affinity for the works of Hans Christian Andersen? I, myself, am familiar with Andersen from not only LITTLE MERMAID, but also THUMBELINA, THE CHINESE EMPEROR AND THE NIGHTINGALE, THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL, and THE UGLY DUCKLING. But was Howard connected to these writings? Would that have provided him some of the impetus to work on such titles?


  • Jordan, I'm not sure if Howard had a special affinity for Hans Christian Anderson but we do have a photo taken well before he began work for Disney, of him in Copenhagen, in front of the great man's statue. What Howard did have an affinity for was children's theater.
  • Yes, since he practically grew up in the Baltimore Children's Theatre Association (as I have heard), that's not so surprising.
  • @Sarah_Ashman On a tangentially related topic, which, if any, of Hans Christian Andersen's stories appealed to Howard the most?
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