"African Nights"

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A while back, while listening to the song "Arabian Nights", I found myself thinking (for reasons I don't quite understand) about the 2011 BBC Earth TV series AFRICA (which I think you absolutely MUST watch, if you haven't already). This led me to write a "theme" song for the series, set to the original tune; I call it "African Nights". Mind you, I wrote these lyrics expressly for the fun of it, but if you find it TOO derivative, don't hesitate to let me know- I had intended for it only to be set to the tune of "Arabian Nights", though I also studied the use of meter in Howard's original lyrics to make it work. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, ne c'est pas? At any rate, if you would like to read what I wrote, here it is (with a glossary at the end, for your convenience):

I'm from the Mother Continent, from that great ancient land where the wildebeest and addax roam
Where the horizon's immense, and the climate intense
Yes, it's harsh, but it's my own dear home
Now the wind blows from the east, as the sun sets in the west, and the stars on Lake Manyara shine bright
Karibu, come on in
Let the safari begin
Welcome to the African night

On this soil, the forebears of the human lineage walked, nearly 7 million years ago
Here, the one law of life is "Kill or be killed"
That's just nature, and it's status quo
Where cheetahs race through the grass, gazelles and impala prance, lions roar, and bull elephants fight
When the black mamba hisses, she's telling you that this is just a typical African night

African nights, like African days
Cannot be called mild
They're wilder than wild, in all the best of ways
On African nights, 'neath the African moon
Keep a vigilant eye, for predators may hide behind the next dune

Follow me to this land where the beautiful and strange
Are seen in nature every second or so
From the mountains to the jungles, to the deserts and the plains
Safari njema, here we go!

African nights, like African days
Tantalize and excite
Instill awe and fright
They're sure to amaze
Oh, African nights and African days
More often than not, can get rather hot
But in mostly good ways

Among the prides, packs, and herds
You won't ever get bored
Though get trampled or eaten, you might
Come on down, drop on by
Make like a fish eagle and fly
To another African night

REPRISE (to be sung over the end credits):
Now the guineafowl crow to the dawn of a new day
As the sun begins to rise in the east
I'm so glad that you came to the Mother Continent
You're time here has been blessed, to say the least
If you wish to come again to the birthplace of man
I assure you, any time's alright
Hamba kahle, worthy friend
Come back soon, that's the end!
'Til another African night!

1. addax- a large, critically endangered grazing antelope (Addax nasomaculatus) native to the deserts of Chad, Mauritania and Niger (It is extinct in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Western Sahara. It has been reintroduced in Morocco and Tunisia.)
2. Lake Manyara- a shallow lake in the Natron-Manyara-Balangida branch of the East African Rift in Manyara Region in Tanzania
3. Karibu- Welcome (Swahili)
4. black mamba- a highly venomous snake (Dendroaspis polylepis) endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. The fastest snake alive today, the species gets its name from the color of the inside of its mouth.
5. Safari njema- Pleasant journeys (Swahili)
6. African fish eagle- a large species of eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur that have an abundant food supply. Plumage similar to the American bald eagle
7. guineafowl- a family of birds in the Galliformes order, found across sub-Saharan Africa, distinguished by black-and-white spotted plumage and (in some species) a bony casque on the head
8. Hamba kahle- Go well (Zulu)


  • Jesus Christ; study meter harder (you don't get it yet apparently) and stop making the forums so much about you.
  • @Omega I'm NOT making them about me! I just thought that perhaps someone might like to hear from me.
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