Recording "Part of Your World"

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I'm sure that we have all seen the clip of Jodi recording "Part of Your World" on the DVD of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY many times before, but here is a video from YouTube that combines the video of Jodi with the final animation, which I thought just HAD to be shared!


  • Does anyone know if Disney has any more of this recording, or if there's more of the "seminar" Howard recorded that is excerpted in the special features for Waking Sleeping Beauty? I'm sure if they DO exist that Disney probably wouldn't release them, but I'm curious if they exist at all. Maybe some future special edition of The Little Mermaid could include the whole Jodi Benson clip. :)
  • @Andi I agree, it would be great if somebody would release the FULL videos of Howard's lecture, and the recording session of "Part of Your World". And, just out of curiosity, what makes you think that Disney wouldn't release them?
  • I just got the impression that the lecture, especially, is just an "in-house" thing, and that they wouldn't want to release it publicly because then other animation studios would have access to it as a resource. I hope I'm wrong!

    As far as the Jodi Benson recording session, I have more hope that they'd release it, if they think there's interest. They just seem to sort of "dribble" these kinds of things out as special features on many sets, so that they have something new for each new release.
  • @Andi Well, who knows? Maybe, at some point in the future, perhaps even on an anniversary release of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY or LITTLE MERMAID, they WILL release them.
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    @Andi Tangentially, I hope that, on future anniversary releases of ALADDIN, they will include the full April 1991 story reel. I'd just LOVE to see that!
  • @Andi If memory serves correct, the full video of Jodi's recording session is 20-25 minutes long, while Howard's lecture is an hour long.

    I doubt they'll get released in full unless Disney starts doing ultimate collector's editions of their films with 5 discs, but I hope they are, or they're at least leaked.
  • @JustinKudwa Actually, I remember hearing in the commentary for WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY that the recording session video was 40-45 minutes long. Are you sure your numbers are correct?
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