People Who Made the Disney Renaissance Possible, as Biblical Characters

edited January 2015 in Disney
In a recent discussion with a Google+ acquaintance, I came to realize that the people who made the Disney Renaissance happen were somewhat cast in their roles like characters from the Torah. As I am not a religious person (despite being raised Jewish), this surprised me at first, but now I feel that it only seems apt.

At any rate, here is my interpretation of some of the people who made the Disney Animation Renaissance possible, had they been Biblical characters (based on the roles that each character played):

1. Roy E. Disney (Walt Disney Company Vice Chairman [1984-2003])- Solomon
2. Alan Menken- Joseph
3. Howard Ashman- Moses
4. Tom Schumacher (co-executive producer, "The Lion King"; producer, "The Rescuers Down Under"; president, Disney Theatrical Group)- Aaron´╗┐
5. Walt Disney- God (no surprise)
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