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Hey guys! Thought I would share this interview with Frank Oz I came across today. It covers Little Shop, the beginnings of his involvement with the film, the story of the ending being changed, the recalled DVD, the remake etc. Lots of interesting anecdotes. He says the color version of the deleted ending no longer exists, which would certainly explain why no version of the deleted ending was included on the current DVD release. I suppose it could be in the process of being recreated from the raw footage for the forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray release? We shall see, I guess!



  • It also bears noting that it's odd he says in this interview that he doesn't know anything about a DVD/Blu-ray re-release with the original ending included given that he is the one who announced such a release to begin with! http://themuppetmindset.blogspot.com/2011/11/frank-oz-visits-museum-of-moving-image.html
  • Well NOW I get why they changed the ending! They cut Seymour's solo from TMSI earlier, apparently. That solo really helps to make the ending seem fitting, and without it, it feels much more abrupt.
  • It breaks my heart knowing that there's probably no color version of the original ending in existence. I just hope that either WB can recreate it from the raw footage (if THAT even exists) or that Frank Oz is mistaken and David Geffin does have a color copy. At the very least, the can colorize the workprint.
  • Yeah, I read that the interview the other day as well. I agree that it's sad that there is apparently not a colour version of the ending in existence. I think it would be really cool if it was properly colourized as a post-production thing, the black and white footage that is. Colourizing CAN look pretty good, although I doubt they've done that.
  • If you check out the links in my post here, you'll see that Frank Oz confirms that the actual negatives for the sequence still exist, so the "Director's Cut" will be a full fledged new edit of the movie, and not a colorization. Hooray! I really hope they include the work print ending with Oz's commentary.

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