What Might Have Been

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Hearing people share their memories about Howard, I have learned that the one question which nobody can seem to ask, let alone answer, is "What might have been if Howard were still here?" For some, the thought is, I quote, "much too painful to entertain", but after learning so much about him, and how he still influences the work of his former collaborators, not to mention how everyone felt about having him in their lives, and how his passing affected them, I have found myself wondering about it, and it vexes me to no end that nobody has ever given their opinions. I have been thinking about it constantly (almost to the point of obsession), but I have not been able to think of any specific things that would have been different had he not been taken from us so soon. All I can say for certain is, very little now would be as we know it without him. Does anyone have any brainstorms about what might have been? That would be a tremendous help to me.


  • Well, I thought about this too. I guess the first thing I can think about is that the he would most likely have written the songs for Disney's lion king instead of Elton John and Tim Rice.
  • @hilit Well, one may never know for sure. At the time when LION KING was in production, they were also working on POCAHONTAS. POCAHONTAS was considered to be the "A-picture", and Howard Ashman and Alan Menken would have been seen as "A-movie" people, whereas the people working on LION KING were seen as the "B-team"; nobody had ANY faith in LION KING whatsoever. How ironic, then, that LION KING managed to blow POCAHONTAS completely out of the water, both critically and commercially; it just goes to show, "Nobody knows anything".
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