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One person was badgering me to start a Tumblr, and another to share an essay I wrote about Little Shop of Horrors with the world instead of just a select few.

I killed two birds with one stone and shared my personal story about why Little Shop is so important to me on Tumblr. Since this stuff is public now I might as well show the people most likely to be interested.

WARNING: I say something in the post that I know may upset a few people because it criticizes a choice Howard made. I have nothing but respect for him and his sister and I hope I can voice my disagreement without upsetting anyone. It's not the point of the essay, but rather a minor note.

DOUBLE WARNING: Some foul language, but I believe it benefits the piece, and if you pay close attention you'll understand.



  • Interesting essay, Mr. Tacowiz. I liked how you drew upon the premise of LSOH (I believe it was greed leads to corruption) and how you analyzed Seymour as a reflection of the darkest impulses and the Freudian "id" of the audience, sort of like the demon's mirror in "The Snow Queen" (which, if I'm not mistaken, Howard wrote a children's play about).

    I must have missed it in the essay or something, but can you tell me what choice of Howard's that you were criticizing in LSOH?
  • I believe it was brief mention of the cutting of "We'll Have Tomorrow".
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