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We're in casting. I have Judy Holliday as Audrey, ,James Earl Jones as Audrey II and Jennifer Hudson as Crystal. The rest...


  • Is this a hypothetical or an actual thing? :0
  • Look at this, Omega.

    I want Phill Lewis as Audrey II He's the annoying manager on Suite Life. It wouldn't be hard to get him because he's like a C-list actor.
  • Ah, just noticed the blog post myself.

    If we're allowing dead people, how about Vincent Price as Orin And Others? :D Just imagine.
  • I just noticed this, and, as I said, this is kinda my thought on the whole dream cast. Don't worry, you can disagree with me, but I'll try to explain my reasoning behind my choices.

    First, for Mushnik, I've always thought of Lewis Black. Now my reasoning for this is because when I look back to the original Roger Corman film, the actor playing Mushnik was really fisty and really heavy on his yiddish. I see that in Black: that he's able to show his jewish side, and I think he's got the yelling, angry side of Mushnik very well. I don't know how well his singing voice is, but like I said that's who I might think of.

    And for Audrey II, I thought about Danny Elfman. Mostly because, while I like the booming, demanding voice of the plant, I always thought of him/her to have a sort of sly, mennacing voice. The kind that you might think of as a stereotypical agent or lawyer would have. Plus, I think his singing voice is great. From being in a band to singing in animated movies...I think it might be something new to bring.

    Like I said, these are just my ideas. If this is really happening and there's another production being made, don't worry, just forget about my ideas. If this isn't then that's who I would see in a production or another movie version. Like I said, don't worry about me.
  • Totally talking fantasy here. I love Vincent Price as Orin, Omega. Great thought. I'm not a big Lewis Black fan but he might just be a great Mushnik. Fyvush Finkel (a replacement Mushnik) was straight out of the old Yiddish Theater and he became my benchmark Mushnik - hence all those Catskill comics I mentioned. Here's a youtube clip of him.
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    Zero Mostel as Mushnik

    period-appropriate cameos: Rod Serling as A Voice Not Unlike God's. Frank Sinatra as Patrick Martin singing the "Meek Shall Inherit" reprise
  • To Ashmaniac, I hope we don't fall into the all-too-common trap of splitting Orin into multiple roles. It's fine in a High School production or something, but in a DREAM CAST it's far, far from ideal.
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    Maybe not for YOUR dream cast. ;)

    I can't think of any other casting ideas anyway. Maybe Milton Berle in Auntie Mildred mode as Mrs. Luce.
  • Isn't splitting Orin/The Everything Guy up into several different roles a reinterpretation?


    So far I have Phill Lewis as Audrey II. I've decided to cast Chris Alex from FilmCow (a group of YouTube filmmakers, most famous for Charlie the Unicorn) as Orin/The Everything Guy. I guess I have a thing for underappreciated actors who never make it bigger than a few million views on YouTube or a supporting role on a popular childrens' television series.
  • Love Zero Mostel as Mushnik (Howard directing him would have been a fight to the finish). Not to mention Rod Serling as VNUG.

    Yes, splitting up the cast is reinterpretation (not to mention expensive) though I admit that I love it when the high school productions cast the entire school. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy seeing all those kids on stage.
  • I was going to suggest that Charlton Heston as the Voice Not Unlike God's. For the urchins/Greek choir, I'm going to suggest Shayna Steele, Kamilah Marshall, and Terita Redd. Theater afficiandos may know them as The Dynamites from "Hairspray."

    More to come...
  • Matthew Broderick as Seymour.

    Also, I think Judy Garland would make a good replacement Audrey. She was one of the best actress of the classic MGM era (I think), and a wonderful performer.
  • I always thought that mid-80s Nicholas Cage would have been a good Orin, and actually Christopher Walken might have been an interesting choice. He can certainly sing and dance - might have been a little too creepy, though!

    Zero Mostel has always been my ideal Mushnik, in fact I referenced that in a post not too long ago!
  • As for Audrey II, my ideal dream voice actor would be Dr. John, the "night tripper." His voice is a gravely New Orleans drawl, more on the "Wolfman Jack" than "Otis Redding" side of things, but I think he'd be wonderful. (You young'uns might know him for doing the song "Cruella DeVille" in the live action 101 Dalmatians. He was also the inspiration for the Dr. Teeth Muppet!).

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    I've been thinking about it, and I think Seth MacFarlane would make a great Seymour. He has the pipes, and, after seeing his episode of SNL, I think he's versatile enough to pull it off wonderfully.
  • I have this weird idea that Arthur Darvill might make a decent Seymour in a film adaptation.

    I'm not sure if anyone knows him; He's mostly known as Rory from Doctor Who, and he's also a singer (he had a band called edmund a while back). I mean, he's not a Broadway-style singer by any means, but I like both his voice and his acting and he does pull off both "nerdy" and "sort of badass" quite well. And this is why I'm not a casting director.


    Okay, so I'd written all of the above here and then I was going to write a tidbit about Darvill doing theatre in the past... And then I discovered (via Wikipedia) that he HAS done Seymour in the past. I mean, he was fourteen at the time, but still. I had no idea.
  • And his name has been floated more recently, you'll be happy to hear. But nothing ever came of it.
  • I wonder if you could talk a little about Howard's opinion of the film cast. Specifically, it seems like Steve Martin plays Orin exactly how the script notes say he should NOT be played - a dumb Elvis who thinks he's in Grease. His performance is definitely one of the highlights of the film, but now every version I've seen of the play since then has gone by that model, and not the vain, slick character Howard seems to indicate. Thoughts?
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    I'm glad you said that. I don't state my opinion on Orin very often because not only is it unpopular, but it's rather hard to articulate. My basic opinion is that Orin, as in the play, is a character, while Orin, as in the film, is a caricature. Steve Martin's interpretation of Orin is so funny that I am in full support of its inclusion in the film. In the play, however, I expect Orin to be more grounded.

    A similar problem with the film's influence on productions is that the film (as initially released) had very few sad moments, causing various productions to try to dilute the sad elements in the stage show with campiness. Often the directors seem to (from the point of view of an audience member) want you to take Suddenly Seymour seriously, but shrug off Audrey's death as silliness.

    Also, I have an idea that probably sounds crazy but I think could work.

    Neil Patrick Harris as Orin
  • Mondo and Tacowiz - I wish more directors (and more actors, especially young ones) would read Howard's note in the published version and depend less on what they see in the movies. I love Steve Martin in general and in many films in particular, but...I'll leave it at that, but...
    About Orin - I think it's probably the most difficult part in the show. He's the closest to a cliche, it's tough to go deep with him and it's all-too-easy to go overboard. I think "It's Just the Gas" is a killer (sorry) to perform well.
    I don't really have an answer for you on Howard's opinion of the film cast.
  • I guess most people have never grown up with that sort of guido greaser who's come into money but never matured past about age 16. It's a particular NYC / Long Island / New Jersey phenomenon. Also, of course, most people would never have seen the original film with "Dr Farb."

    So where did the idea come from that Orin would have long red hair, as seen in the comic book & mentioned a couple of other places?
  • I'm picturing Danny Devito as Mr. Mushnik. He's already got the Brooklyn accent. Toss in a little quasi Hebrew and viola!

    For Seymour, I was thinking of Jay Baruchel. He's got the appearance (and voice) of the insecure, nerdy type. Plus the stage would give him a break from his film work.

    Still trying to figure out who a good Audrey would be...
  • It might be because I'm in a Legally Blonde: The Musical phase right now (don't judge me) but I think Christian Borle could be a good Seymour. He hasn't done much television or film work, but he is a fantastic Broadway performer. I think his image and his voice would be a good match for the role.
    When it comes to Audrey, it's hard to imagine anyone in the role but Ellen. Orin is a difficult character to cast, but I think NPH could be a good choice! Someone mentioned him in an above comment and I hadn't even thought of him before, but I'm really excited about that idea. :)
  • A few months ago I was chatting with another member of this forum on Skype and he mentioned Johnny Galecki as a potential Seymour. Having now seen The Big Bang Theory, I must say that Galecki would indeed make a terrific Seymour.
  • Interesting thought TF
  • After seeing Justin Timberlake on SNL last night, I feel like he should at least be able to audition for Seymour.
  • Having put thought into this..

    Michael Cera as Seymour Krelborn
    Ashley Tisdale as Audrey
    Russell Crowe as Mr. Mushnik
    Neil Patrick Harris as Orin Scrivello
    Cee-Lo Green as Audrey II
  • Esp. like the thought of Michael Cera as Seymour.
  • Michael Cera as Seymour is a great thought! I also like Ashley Tisdale as Audrey. Haven't heard much of her singing, but could be interesting. :)
  • I'm just not convinced that Michael Cera could play an "insecure, naive, put-upon"character like Seymour (quoted verbatim from the libretto).

    Jay Baruchel, on the other hand, can (and has) make wimps sound cooler than Michael Cera ever has. I cite his vocal projection and timbre as an example.

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