Did Howard ever like African Music?

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I understand that Howard loved all kinds of styles of music and what can be expressed through them, and I am fully aware of his talent for "developing stylistic marriages" (as Alan Menken once described it). This is particularly evident in the scores for "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Little Mermaid", with the former's pastiche of '50's and '60's rock music, and the latter's influence taken from calypso, reggae and rock steady.

I, for one, am a very big fan of African music (inspired by listening to songs performed by such artists as Miriam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, the Mahotella Queens, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Insingizi, Achilla Orru, and Lebo M, and the scores to such films as "The Lion King", "The Power of One", and "Duma"), partly because of its exotic sound, and also because, well, I find that it speaks to me on many levels. That, and the music is so immensely POWERFUL, conveying the voices of the vibrant, varied human cultures of the African continent, and also serving as the voice of the land itself, not to mention the continent's iconic wildlife. (Don't get mad at me for waxing animistic here, please).

I'd very much like to know, what did Howard think of African music (especially modern African music)? I'm of the opinion that if Howard had written for a story set in Africa, and tapped into the musical traditions of the African continent, it would have been just the lion's roar! (Instead of "cat's meow". Get it?)


  • I think Howard would have loved to write songs with African music! Especially since he loved African American music in general. Like u said before, I think he would have loved to work on the Lion King!
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    Well, I'm GLAD you think so!

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