Sebastian Based on Howard?

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I've been wondering if Sebastian was based on Howard. Howard did basically make up most of the character anyway, and wrote scenes for him. They both love music, and putting on a good show! They're both funny and love helping people out, even if it's reluctantly!


  • That also rather describes Lumiere! Also, after hearing Howard's demo of "Under the Sea", and listening to the song "Upendi" (from "Lion King 2: Simba's Pride") innumerable times, I think that Howard would have been a hoot and a half as Rafiki (who, like Sebastian, speaks with a slight West Indian-African accent).
  • @Jordan Oh yeah Lumiere! Glad u pointed that out! Maybe Howard thought of himself as a Disney sidekick?
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    ¿Quién sabe? And, tangentially speaking of my comment about how Howard would have played as Rafiki, I recently posted a discussion (entitled "Howard and 'Lion King'") about a few "Lion King" songs that sound (to me, anyways) like Howard would have written them (with Alan Menken, of course). Take a gander at it, and tell me what you think.
  • @Jordan I completely agree with u on the Lion King thing! But I actually don't think Howard would have worked on lion king because he would've done Pocahantas with Alan which was being made at the same time as Lion King. But if they were working on Lion King, it would have been great for them!
  • Also off of Howard for a second, I read that you read biographies on Jim Henson and Charles Shultz, you sir have great taste indeed!
  • I've never read any biographies on them except online, but I love their work! What books did u read?
  • Well, I've also read the autobiographies of two very distinguished individuals who are well-known in the realm of wildlife conservation: Tony Fitzjohn and Daphne Sheldrick.
  • In regards to your comment on my views of how Howard would have approached "Lion King", I'm glad you agree.
  • Hi all, this is a great discussion but I do want to say that, really, Howard was one of a kind and so was Sebastian - so no, Sebastian wasn't based on Howard.
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