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I was reading the part of the blog post the other day about the woman who asks why Howard didn't have kids, and it reminded me of a podcast I heard u do and u mentioned how Howard liked to spend time with Alan's daughters, and I was thinking you could interview them, but they might've been too young to remember Howard all that much. Howard obviously liked children, so it would be cool to hear a story about how he interacted with them.


  • You know, Danielle, I, for one, believe that Howard would have been simply a WONDERFUL father.
  • @Jordan Thank you for agreeing!
  • @Danielle No problema, amiga.
  • Hi, Danielle, it's me again. I just posted a discussion connected to my question about Howard's potential views of African music, containing some songs that I really love (and hope that Howard would, as well). Give them a whirl, and tell me what you think (on that page, though), would you, please? Thanks a lot.
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