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This is pretty simple, and it's for anyone who would love to be in a production of "Little Shop" but, for some reason or another (You don't have enough time, you're too shy, there isn't a production near you, you happen to be related to the writer, whatever reason! :)), you haven't yet done it. If you could play any character in Little Shop, which one would it be and why? And, what would you do different performance wise? (Since my post will be huge, I'll spit it up into another post.)


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    Opps! I talked too much! I moved my post over here (http://bit.ly/Hr9DPT) so you wouldn't have a huge mountain of text in front of you. :)
  • I'd do either Orin or Audrey II. I'm pretty nice in real life, but I enjoy that kind of acting. (My voice is still changing, but I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna wind up able to do Seymour).

    I don't think there's really much to say about Audrey II. He is a character, sure, but for the story, his importance lies not with his own character, but with his effect on Seymour's character. As a result, I don't think I'd do anything unexpected with AII. For Orin, I'd try to shy away from the sort of hammy, campy, Steve Martin-style villainy. My Orin would not be a dumb sociopath. I like to think that on the job, Orin justifies his cruelty because he thinks it's his job, and off his job, he's only really cruel to Audrey. In fact, my interpretation of the cruelty that we SEE him perform on Audrey is that he misguidedly thinks that expressing dominance over "his girl" will impress Seymour, who he sees as a new acquaintence/friend. I also like to think that he has some number of personal problems, which also contributes to his abuse of Audrey, as he takes them out on her. Finally, he should never be played as outright stupid. In fact, I think that if we're going to go with a stereotype, it should be "sadists and doctors are coldly intelligent", not "greasers are bluntly stupid". He should come off as a legitimate dentist who hurts people because he's a sadist and being a dentist is an excuse. He should NOT come off as a back-alley dentist who couldn't perform a successful, humane operation if he tried. I haven't put as much thought into the minor roles Orin also has to play, but I know that I'd avoid using them as comic relief, with the exception of The Customer, and even then I wouldn't overplay it. In particular, I'd do A Voice Not Unlike God's completely seriously.
  • Audrey, who wouldn't want to play her?
  • I would want to go for Audrey II. I got something of a booming voice and can try to sound threatening here and there. I'd probably also go with Orin, but make him some-thing like Alex from A Clockwork Orange: he's smart, he plays nice, and he knows when to be violent. Plus, I really like to play the sort of psycopathic/socialpathic, creepy villains.
  • I have a really versatile voice and a big range, so I've always fantasized of playing Seymour, and doing the plant voice as well (on tape of course). I think it would add a fascinating layer to have the plant speaking in a deeper, more hep-cat version of Seymour's own voice.
  • Even though I'm a mezzo-soprano girl, I'd also like to play Seymour. It'd be fun to sing his tenor songs up an octave and make them endearing.

  • Crazy as it sounds, I could put on a convincing Audrey II voice performance. It's crazy because I'm not black. Actually, I never really discerned whether or not a black voice was necessary for Audrey II's performance. My experience with black voice performance has been almost entirely examining James Earl Jones' career. It isn't so much the register he can speak in that fascinates me, but the timbre and the color (pardon the pun) that he delivers. And not to be racist or anything, but every Audrey II voice performance I've seen on YouTube played by a white person (save for the bootleg audio performance of the Off-Broadway cast, the movie, and the Broadway revival soundtrack) just doesn't carry that same power that is inherent in the character as a black person could.

    Who knows? I haven't seen ALL the Audrey II performances out there that exist on YouTube. Maybe I'm being self-righteous claiming I could on a convincing Audrey II despite my being white causasian. What says you?
  • Color-blind casting goes in all directions. If you've got the chops, you've got the chops.
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