little shop of horrors blu ray

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there is some wrong with the cover why Does it have john candy on the cover and not mushink John candy is not the main guy in the film On the cover of the DVD it has rick moranis , Ellen Greene , Steve Martin and John candy I think there is a mistake on the blu ray and DVD cover it should be Seymour Audrey. Orin dds and mushink. would Howard like the blu ray cover. i am a little upset with WB how they rush it such a great musical that Howard and alan did. they did not put a lot of energy into the movie i am happy about the ending that is from the play but they did not put deleted scenes on the blu ray. one day i would love to see a work print of the movie so i can see what happen to all of the great scenes that was cut out of the film i am so sad still that san jose and Los angles did not like the unhappy ending or other scenes in the movie. i could talk about little shop of horrors and little mermaid and aladdin and beauty and the beast 24/7 Howard thank you for the great music and story
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