What do you think was Howard's favorite song he wrote?

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He had so many (all of which he loved I am sure), but which one do you think was his favorite?


  • I think Sarah or Bill could probably answer better than any of us. I have no idea. I'd imagine that "Sheridan Square" probably meant a lot to him due to the affect the AIDS crisis had on him, his friends and colleagues. It's always interesting to know the favorite songs of their writers-- usually they're not what you'd expect.

    MY personal favorite Howard song is "Somewhere That's Green", which always manages to make me laugh and deeply affect me in the end. (Particularly when Ellen Greene does it.) I think it's one of the few really beautiful comic ballads written in the Musical Theater, along with Ahrens and Flaherty's "Times Like This." I've been trying to rip that song off for a long time, but those songs are hard to write!

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    @John_Verderber I never gave much thought to which of his songs that Howard would consider his favorite, until now. But, I am inclined to agree, "Sheridan Square" seems to be a song that really came straight from his heart. When I listen to it, I find it so painfully ironic that he ended up succumbing to the very pestilence that had taken so many of his friends and colleagues. Another song that I think that Howard held dear to his heart was "Proud of Your Boy". Ed Gombert (story supervisor of the film "Aladdin", who also storyboarded "Under the Sea") once said (mind you, I'm only paraphrasing what I remember hearing), "Howard never said it in so many words, but I think that he was referring to his relationship with his own mother when he wrote that song."
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