A Little Dental Music

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Who was supposed to sing this song? I assumed it was Seymour, but someone told me that they saw a production where the song was restored with the urchins singing it.


  • I wish they wouldn't do that (restore songs). There's a reason it was cut. Anyhoo...I'll ask Alan about Dental Music. I'm not sure of the answer, it was cut really early - never used on stage to my knowledge.
  • Per Alan Menken, it was the Urchins who sang dental music...
  • Thank you for the information. :)

    For the record, I was the one who saw the production in question. I won't say what production it was, because although I dislike the "artiste" types who screw around with their licensing agreements, it was the first production of Little Shop Of Horrors I ever saw, the acting was superb, and it holds nostalgic value for me so I would hate to get the people involved in trouble. And, in my mind at least, it's better to add something like A Little Dental Music than to make other, more common changes, like cutting half the songs because the movie cut them, or adding Mean Green Mother or the film's ending, or (getting into really subjective territory here, I'll admit) having a female Audrey II voice. I hate to sound like I'm idealistic to the point of not functioning, but I almost have a patrack tendency with content - so long as content's good and doesn't cause problems (No, The Worse He Treats Me, put your hand down, I'm not talking about you :P), I oppose its deletion. It feels wrong to disagree with the writer, because it's pretty arrogant to act like you know a work better than its writer. So on some level I know that I'm being irrational and, dare I say it, flat-out-wrong, but I just wind up clinging onto songs because I like them (A Little Dental Music, We'll Have Tomorrow, The Meek Shall Inherit Reprise, et cetera) and I sigh and wish that they were actually in the show. It's like I have a love for cut songs that surpasses my faith in the final product (not just for Little Shop Of Horrors; this seems true for most musicals I get into). So maybe I shouldn't be defending the production that I saw, since I have a complex on this issue myself.

    I hope I haven't said anything inflammatory and I don't get banned. :(
  • Of course you won't get banned but I strongly disagree. Howard and Alan worked long and hard on LSOH and cut songs that they both loved for the betterment of the production. LSOH is a show, not an album and is, to my mind at least, a gem. Part of its appeal is its tightness - no extraneous moments leading to the dreaded rattling programs allowed (as John M talks about in his last post.

    Part of the art of theater is discipline - the discipline to stop when it's time to let the audience go. As the sages say, "always leave 'em wanting more." Won't happen if you keep sticking in songs that don't move the action along...

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    Thank you for the insightful response, Mrs. Ashman! :)

    As for myself, I think I've decided it's probably a "grass is always greener in someone else's pasture"-type thing.
  • You're welcome. BTW, I'm Mrs. Gillespie (Ashman was my maiden name) but let's split the difference and just call me Sarah.
  • Sure! :)
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