Once Upon a Time in New York City

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I was watching Disney's Oliver & Company fairly recently, and I saw that they credited Howard with the music for the song "Once Upon a Time in New York City". It sure does explain the beautiful melody and lyrics, if it's got that old Ashman magic!

What I'm wondering is if Howard wrote for this movie while working on The Little Mermaid. Do you know how much he contributed to Oliver & Company, Sarah?


  • Hi Wizard. The music on Once Upon A Time In NYC is by Barry Mann with lyrics by Howard. I'm not sure when exactly Howard wrote it- I'm checking with Bill. It was either right before or concurrent with Mermaid.
  • Okay, Oliver stuff was written before Howard began on Mermaid. They were filling in some holes in the score - Howard didn't have anything to do with the film itself. He and Alan did write a great spec song for it, though. It's called Something About Them (or El Gato).
  • Thanks Sarah, it's nice to know that Howard left his mark on one other Disney movie (and please, call me Victor, hehe).
  • I was wondering if it was some sort of 'test piece' for Howard to prove himself, since Oliver was in production around the same time as 'Mermaid.'

    It definitely helped create a somewhat 'storybook vibe' to the opening. I did like the little rollings-around of the lyrics ('But beginnings are contagious there/they're always settin' stages there'), and I think it definitely helped set up that opening.

    I found it interesting on Youtube, that a lot of people say that that opening was really emotional to them.
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