Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon

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At what state in production was this cut? Was it cut before or after the ending change? I'm trying to figure out if it will be present in the upcoming Director's Cut.


  • Not a definitive answer, but I'd guess that it was cut before the change, given that "Don't Feed The Plants" and the original ending versions of "Meek" and "Mean Green Mother" all appeared on the soundtrack.
  • As I understand it, it was meant to play with the credits - not actually a part of the movie and was never recorded. Which kills me because, for whatever reason, it's a personal fave.
  • The imagery that goes through my head when I hear Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon is as follows. (Obviously this wouldn't be what was planned because it was planned to just go over the credits, it's just a little thing I have in my imagination...)

    We're in a lifeless, sterile, abandoned city. Everything's covered in vines, but they're not moving either - they've gone hungry long enough that they're dead too. There's a single record player, and it's the only thing that's really moving - and it's playing Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon (a little bit distorted, because the record player is wonky - at one point it skips on the title phrase, repeating it several times). We cut between many different empty shots of the city, left to wonder if humanity went extinct fighting the plants or if only this area is abandoned. The last thing we see as the song and the movie ends is the record player's needle becoming misaligned, presumably breaking and stopping it.
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    Omega, was there a reason you didn't post your test for what the scene would sound like? Do I value it more than you, the person wh o made it? I still listen to it sometimes and I think it's one of the better audio-related things you've made.

    Also, for Little Shop of Horrors: The Intended Cut (the official title that the MPAA lists the project under), Warner would most likely have to construct a new credits sequence that hooks up with the original ending. I'd love it if in the new end credits this song was played, since the demo version that's made it to YouTube with some unknown female singer sounds pretty good. In fact, maybe they could rerecord it (at least the instrumental part) so that it sounds more polished.
  • I'd like to point out that "the demo version [...] with some unknown female singer" is actually Debbie Gravitte's recording from her album "Part of Your World: The Alan Menken Album."
  • Wait, so it's not the official version? Then it would indeed have to be re-recorded. Where did she get Crystal, Ronette and Cheffon, anyway?
  • No, I'm not exceptionally proud of it. It's something I made in my spare time to amuse myself and then decided to post on youtube to amuse others who were interested. It is screechy and irritating.
  • It's a really nice song; probably would have snagged the Oscar that year had they recorded it.
  • I quite like this song too. It's got a classic Billy Joel sound to it.
  • They were going farther back than Billy Joel. More like Phil Spector and "the wall of sound," thus the line, "it's like I'm living in a wall of sound." ALthough, I'm sure that Billy Joel, like Howard and Alanin this song, was greatly influenced by Spector. There's only one demo that I'm aware of and this is it (it's the one I suggested they play at the Lincoln Center screening of LSOH director's cut).
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