Favorite Productions of LSOH

I read the acting edition of Little Shop recently (my high school is doing it next year, but unfortunately I won't be in it because I'm graduating. *grrr*) And Howard said in the author's note that he saw many productions of Little Shop that others had done, so my question is what were his favorites? And what are yours?


  • I have to say, I don't think any LSOH experience will top the first time those drop boxes opened up and those felt vines fell on the audience at the original production at the Orpheum. I have a feeling Howard would surely vote for his own production as well. He also got a kick out of the foreign productions - working with the French translator and seeing photos of the Japanese tour (I posted his note to the cast of that one on FB).
  • Mine's personally the film. It has its own differences from the stage version, but man, you can't beat that Audrey II!
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