The Wedding

Ms. Ashman,
Do u think u could do a post about your wedding, since I'm sure Howard was there, and when he first met your husband? Sorry if that's too personal.


  • It's not that it's too personal but I didn't think anyone would be interested. But now that I think of it, Howard was very much a part of that day, so maybe I will. Look for something in early August (anniversary bells). Thanks for the idea.
  • No problem Ms. Ashman! I look forward to the post! :)
  • I know it's been a while since I first posted this, but I'd still love to hear this story!
  • DanIielle, I've been thinking about this and I kind of think I won't write anything. Never saying never, but I didn't want you to feel I was ignoring you.
  • Oh ok. I understand. And no I didn't feel like you were ignoring me at all!
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