Howard at the ATW's Working in the Theatre Seminar

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Just uploaded to CUNY TV's YouTube channel today, here's the American Theatre Wing's 67th "Working in the Theatre" seminar, from the winter of 1982, and featuring Howard as a panelist and focusing on musical book-writing. The other panelists include James Kirkwood ("A Chorus Line"), Arthur Kopit ("Nine"), Peter Stone ("Woman of the Year", "1776"), Maury Yeston, and literary agent Mitch Douglas.

I'm only about 15 minutes in, but already I find out something about Howard's career I didn't know; he was the director of Nine's early workshops and "worked more like an editor than anything else" on the book, as well as planting the seeds for "My Husband Makes Movies" and "Be Italian".


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I've never seen it.
  • WOW, thank you!! I can't wait to watch this! :)
  • Did Howard GO to BMI or did he assist Engel in "teaching?"
  • Neither. Engel was encouraging and gave Howard advice and Howard and Alan showed some work at the workshop (Alan was in the workshop) but Howard was never an official part of the workshop. If I remember correctly, they had too many lyricists at the workshop at that time and there were no openings.
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    Ah, I see. The way Yeston describes the Workshop in the video is pretty much how it still is. It's wonderful that it was continued after Lehman Engel's death, and that it still continues. It's been helpful to me, and of course, TONS of other people.
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