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Really fun little production riffing on Aladdin (with some bits parodying other Disney movies, including Beauty And The Beast and The Little Mermaid). : ) Not Ashmenken-quality, but the music and lyrics are still really good. It's pretty hard-R-rated, but if you could get through Book Of Mormon, you'll be more than okay with this. The whole thing's really funny and often even emotional. Just thought this forum would enjoy it. I think one of the songs is even loosely based on Proud Of Your Boy, so they definitely did their research. : )


  • I loved the show. The satire on the Disney/Pixar merger was pretty outdated, but I still appreciate that they were willing to throw in so many in-jokes for people like me. I'm not even sure I caught all of them!
  • Team Starkid is full of Renaissance Disney fans, so yeah, they probably did quite a bit of research. They've made Disney references in their other musicals too, and often credit "The Little Mermaid" as their inspiration for their original musical, "Starship." They even got the original voice actor for Jafar to narrate their trailer:

    I haven't seen Twisted yet, partially because of time and partially because I'm nervous about how they might portray Jasmine, but I'm confident it's up to parr with their other works, so check 'em out!
  • Their portrayal of Jasmine is negative, but substantially more positive than "Call Me A Princess". :D
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