High School Musicals

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Photos, memories, current productions of your high school Little Shop (or Smile or, dare I say it, Rosewate) production? This is the place.


  • Is beauty and the beast high school also included?
  • Ok. Cause the only high school show I ever did was Beauty and the Beast. Long story short, I wasn't really that known about Howard or Alan Menken, or even Tim Rice. I knew who they are from their works, but nothing really special. If I had to say one good thing about the experience, it introduced me to Human Again, due to the fact that I always percieved the VHS version the one that was known throughout the entire world and never saw the IMAX version. So, as soon as I get home one day, I look the song up and became familiar to it. And...other than having a good relationship with the guy who played Gaston and his mom aka one of the costume ladies, it wasn't a good experience with me. Don't get me wrong, it was a hit no doubt; but it helped in leaving my theatre class after two and a half years. Some of the actors weren't that nice, almost cliquish and wanting nothing to do with me, and the director was the worst of all, ignoring me and concentrating on listening to other people's ideas, even the chorus groups but not quite mine, when he's supposed known to be the kind of person to not take anyone elses ideas. He also just told me that I was in the chorus--a menu was my part which could acutely open up to read french stuff--because I can't sing, and out of all the people that was in the show, I was the only person who he would say 'what?' to. As in, he would say, 'yes,' to various people, but I would be the one who he'd say 'what?' whenever I came up to him.

    Now, I'm really, reallty sorry that this post was a tad bit long and it might sound like I'm just rambling on, being something of a prema dana or whining person or whatever the like, but I'm being honest. I didn't enjoy being in that high school play. But, like I said, there were a few gems and it was a hit. I would post a link that told about this, but appairantly it's nowhere to be found. But yeah, that's my experiences: being introduced to a new song by Mr. Ashman, meeting some acutel good people, and meeting up with probably the most egotistical music director that almost a lot of students don't even like. And if I could go back and do it all over again...you know, I probably would, but try to enjoy myself thorugh the hardships and insainity.

    Thanks for listening, and I'm sorry that this is too long. It's just that I feel like going ahead and sharing this that has been on my mind for a long time.
  • I think we've all had bad experiences like this. I just hope it didn't sour you on theater entirely.
  • Oh, it hasn't. To quote a disney animator when talking about Fantasia, "time heals all wounds." I've gotten over it a bit and I still have a respect for the theatre. I just don't think I'm acting material anymore. And like I said, some good came out of it and that I'll always treasue. Though if I had the chance, I would deffinatly try out for another show directed by him again, just to start over, forget the past and move on. Maby try Little Shop, whenever he gets to doing the community theatre side of things.
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