Two Versions of Little Shop?

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According to an Interview between Theater Talk and Alan Menken, there were two versions of Little Shop of horrors! Anything we know about the first one? Demos? Story? Those snippets from those songs are AMAZING as is all of Howard's work!


  • I hadn't seen this interview so thank you for sharing it. Howard and Alan actually rewrote the first song Alan sings here (When it's time to pick a pet flower...) as a parody, recorded it and gave it to cast members for one of the show's anniversaries (I don't remember which one). It basically lists all the cast and crew members, in clever couplets, of course.

    As with many (if not all) writers for musical theater, it took some time and some false starts to get the tone for the show right. There's no alternate book that I know of.

  • Even if this version of the show is rather silly compared to the final version, I'd still be interested to learn more about it. :D
  • I think they only worked on some song sketches, nothing really gelled until the version we know.
  • This is super!
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