Little Shop Fan Art

Completely ignorant that this lovely community exists, I did an illustration for my group fan art blog, Fanartica (fanartica.tumblr.com), honoring the movie version of Little Shop of Horrors.


I was nuts about this movie as a kid, and when Fanartica began an 80s movie monsters theme I was moved to revisit it. And it's even better than I remember!

Original post here: http://fanartica.tumblr.com/post/11510290141/the-guy-sure-looks-like-plant-food-to-me-ellen
And a little Orin Scrivello sketch here: http://fanartica.tumblr.com/post/11528481813/little-shop-of-horrors-part-b-this-was-a-sketch

--Ellen T. Crenshaw


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