A Musical About A Man-Eating Plant?

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I was so excited to be able to bring Howard's voice into the blog. I'm looking for more stuff - but I want to be careful that it's material he meant for release. What I like about A Musical About A Man-Eating Plant is that there's a giddiness - and a youthfulness - about the writing. He was obviously asked to write this as a promotion but there's the feel of a kid in a candy shop (hmmm) here, too. Here's a link to the article itself: http://howardashman.com/blog/by-howard-ashman/


  • That article reminds me why Howard is one of my idols. He was smart, witty, a brilliant writer, and had a great sense of humor.
  • I loved, loved, loved reading this. Thank you so much for posting!!!
  • That was a great article, and very funny too. I love the phrase "I’d make a musical out of anything that moved." It shows such a creative spirit and a joy of making theater. And the fact that he never stopped believing in his idea, even though it seemed a bit crazy, is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hey, my very real pleasure. Wish I had more of this material to share. I'll keep searching.
  • "For instance, after beating my rhyming dictionary to a pulp, insisting it come up with an accurate rhyme for ‘junior,’ I finally gave up and changed the monster’s name to Audrey Two."

    Oh I've always wondered if Howard used a rhyming dictionary, or if he was just so naturally gifted with words he didn't need one, or a bit of both!
  • He used one and I have it on my bookshelf. It's a treasured possession.
  • That makes me think that the line in Sudden Changes was an allusion to the play's development... :D
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