Beauty & Mermaid theatrical re-releases, 3D

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I knew B&TB was being worked on (just completed maybe, with a recent Hollywood-only release) but didn't know they were also doing it for Little Mermaid :)


  • Beauty and the Beast just rather quietly released on 3D BluRay yesterday, alongside the BluRay and 3D BluRay releases of The Lion King.
  • I saw the Lion King 3D in theaters yesterday. I enjoyed it--it's hard not to enjoy a cherished childhood movie brought back to the theaters.

    That said, the 3D was distracting at best. I do not normally dislike 3D movies; I enjoyed Avatar and Pixar's movies. In this case, though, it felt cheap. The original artists who drew The Lion King took great pains to add visual depth to the movie. By 1994, they had come close to perfecting the art form.

    In contrast, the 3D, while competently executed, often felt like a pop-up book, sometimes obscuring, rarely improving.

    I'll almost certainly see Howard's movies in the theaters when they arrive in full 3D splendor, but only because, like here with the Lion King, it's hard to ruin a good story with great music.
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    Then I bet you're going to feel worse when you go to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. After all, it was Howard's second pet project, and The Little Mermaid was his first.
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    I saw it today, I loved it... a lot of beautiful visuals enhanced by the 3D. I almost forgot it was the 3D version at times, this isn't a slam at the 3D at all, they did an amazing job, but when I was so enveloped by the story and songs, I had to remind myself, 'oh yeah, this is in 3D'.

    I'll be seeing it again :) Also, some theaters are showing the 2D as well.
  • Saw it today as well. Planned on seeing it for sure, but ended up seeing in Times Square today when I happened to have a couple of hours to kill. Saw it with Regal's "RPX" Premium Experience, which is basically their version of IMAX. I didn't think the 3D added much to Lion King, but I was really impressed with what they did here. It's certainly not required or necessary, but it was entertaining to see it that way.

    Needless to say, the movie was a joy to watch. It is such a masterpiece. I've always loved it but during this particular viewing I found myself pretty much continually weeping from when Beast saves Belle from the wolves to the end. Partially because the story is incredibly sweet and moving, and partially because I kept sitting there thinking about what a showcase of unparalleled storytelling and artistry it is, which in and of itself is incredibly moving.

    Go out and see it folks! This is one case of a double dip re-release in which the product is so spectacular I wholeheartedly fall for it! I mean, I own the Blu-Ray. I owned the DVD and VHS before it, but I happily paid to see it on the big screen! It was an incredible experience
  • Wow! I went to see it yesterday and I was completely blown away! Of course, I've seen it multiple times on TV, VHS, and DVD, but watching it in theaters is a totally different experience.

    Everything from the beautiful animation to the music was truly amazing. It's 20 years old, but the tale is (as Howard would put it) old as time. It was great sitting there, seeing all these little children watching one of Disney's best. In fact, I was at Target today and a little boy, probably no older than 7, starting singing "Be our guest, be our guest, la-la-la-la-la." Every scene had the Ashman magic sprinkled on it and I felt honored to have been able to witness that sort of magic.

    Truly one of Howard's best :)
  • I saw it tonight - loved it. The 3D truly added to the movie - I have seen Beauty and the Beast at least 100 times, and never noticed so many background details and extras! Also, at the end, they have 3D drawings behind the text. Very neat effect. Human Again was not included. Can't wait to see Mermaid!
  • To answer the Twitter question, though I thought the 3D was fantastic and very fun to see, it didn't change my feelings on the film at all. It's always been a masterpiece, and it still is. It's so wonderful to be able to see it on the big screen again, and the 3D made it extra fun!
  • I do love that big screen. Nothing like it.
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    Yes, a stunning film and a stunning 3D experience. It's like seeing it for the first time ever, only I knew every lyric of each song and every line of dialogue by heart.

    To know the movie and the songs inside and out, like I have for so long, and to be able to lose perspective of that while watching in the theater, is incredibly powerful, it might be the highest compliment I can pay them.

    I saw it in 3D again on Friday, and maybe this week in 2D (or again in 3D!), before the run in theaters ends.

    Oh and my favorite 3D part was the ballroom dance. I was looking forward to that scene the most and it was lovely and just perfect!
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