My Little Birthday of Horrors

edited September 2011 in Theater
So, I have been meaning to start blogging on here about my experiences with being cast recently as Seymour in a production of Little Shop, but have been overwhelmed with work and rehearsals, BUT I should have time soon to start sharing my thoughts on the process. In the meantime here is a little something to share, I just recently had a birthday during one of the rehearsals, and one of the set artists made me this Audrey II birthday cake out of rice crispy treats. You can see she has little Seymour legs sticking out of the plant's mouth.

Also, here is a shot of myself with the three Urchins during rehearsal holding the cake...

Anyhoos, I will be taking more pics of rehearsals and sets being built and try to write down about things as they develop. We open on October 21st, 2011 and run for only two weeks, with a possible closing show on Halloween night (which would be so much fun)


  • That is some impressive cake. Don't it go to show, finally a good use for Rice Krispie Treats (in the right hands)! Love the legs.
  • Haha...yes. The legs were a nice touch.
  • I probably wouldn't enjoy eating this, but it looks amazing.

    In fact, it's probably for the best that this amazing pastry sculpture isn't eaten.
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