Little Shop of Horrors: Alternative to the Alternative

edited September 2011 in Theater
Me and Omega were discussing how the film version of Little Shop of Horrors could've kept Seymour and Audrey alive without ruining its moral. As a result, he wrote this.


If anyone knows how to do time travel, help us get this to 1980s Warner Bros. as soon as poss---actually, since it's time travel, no rush.


  • I'd like to clarify that I don't think this would be better than the ending that was shot but discarded. I do think, though, that if Seymour and Audrey absolutely have to be kept alive, this would be preferrable, though.
  • I wonder if Mr. Ashman thought of something similar but couldn't get the approval for it.
  • And just to clarify, Seymour's getting sued for:

    1. A violated contract with NBC.
    2. Property damage from the shop's explosion.

    I can assume there were other contracts besides NBC's that depended on the plant, so no matter how much money Seymour had he would've been in trouble.
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