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I don't know how much HA was involved with Beauty and the Beast, so I haven't discussed it much here. It is one of my favorite movies, though, so I feel I should start a thread on my favorite character: Gaston.

The reason Gaston is my favorite Disney villain is because he isn't actually evil. He's more like a high school bully. He's used to getting literally everything he wants. Belle is the first thing in his entire life that he wanted but he didn't get. Not being able to handle the idea of not getting something he wants, Gaston loses it and decides to murder the Beast, who from his point of view is probably just an animal anyway.

He does horrible, unforgivable things by the end of the movie, but at the beginning he was just a bully, and you can find lots of those at any high/middle school. He's sort of like Seymour in the sense that he starts out relatively normal and ends up doing bad things, except Gaston started out already unlikable, whereas Seymour was sympathetic.


  • I agree with this thread. Gaston is one of my favorite villains, for many of the reasons that you've laid out in this thread. He reminds me of Orin a little bit too, but not for any deep philosophical reasons. Gaston just seems like the same sort of person, kind of (if rather dumber and louder).
  • I wouldn't say Gaston is dumb. His plan to get Belle to marry him was rather cunning.
  • Yes, but he's book-dumb at least - and I doubt Orin is.
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    To me, Gaston isn't a high school bully; he's more like a star football player. Everyone, with the exception of Belle, loves him, and he really shows no sigh of malice (except to LaFou). At the beginning of the movie, he's just a self-obsessed, spoiled, egotistical jock.

    Since I haven't rewatched The Lion King yet (Just 17 more days!), Beauty is my favorite Disney film, namely because of the LaFou/Gaston relationship, and the parallels between Gaston and Beast. I love that the Beast starts out as a vicious monster and becomes more and more of a hero, while Gaston starts out as hero (type) and becomes more and more of a monster.
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    I've only just finished my first year of high school, but the way I see it jocks are just a specific category of high school bully. I'm not saying ALL jocks are mean, but often the kids that do the most teasing happen to be jocks.

    I agree, though, Gaston's story does appear to parallel the Beast's.
  • Justin - you hit it on the head. Even in the commentary for the film, they say he's like 'the town football star.' I think that's true of some sports stars- they do so well, that people bend over backwards to praise and adulate them to the point that their egos just burst from their skulls.

    If you think of it, there really is noone other than Belle that says 'no' to Gaston. Even Gaston takes that as an outrage against him ("Noone says no to Gaston!").

    To me, I always saw parallels between the song 'Gaston,' and Orin's 'Dentist' song in LSoH. They're both about these egotistical guys, singing about what they love to do, which often seems to be about cruel things that they enjoy (Orin is inflicting pain, and Gaston mentions hunting).

    There was that cut lyric that I recall:

    When I hunt I sneak up with my quiver,
    And the beast of the field say a prayer.
    First I carefully aim for the liver,
    Then I shoot from behind-is that fair?-I don't care!

  • What other lyricist could have worked a word like "expectorating" into a song? ;)
  • Definitely agreed. One of my favorite lyrics in anything ever when I was younger -and it still kind of is. :)
  • @MWH1980 - The Gaston-demos make me laugh out loud whenever I hear them, especially that bit. Just fantastic.

    I really love Gaston as a villain as well, his arrogance and the way it plays out is really brilliant.
  • Seeing how this is the "Gaston Appreciation" thread, this begs the question:

    What exactly is it about Gaston that we are appreciating?

    It may sound nit-picky, but I believe this deserves an answer.
  • His way with words?
  • Obviously his incredible manliness. I seem to recall once hearing a song dedicated to that. ;)
  • He's a man among men,
    He's the hero next door
  • We're appreciating one of the greatest musical villains, and arguably the greatest Disney villain (he's certainly my favorite, with Frollo as a close second).
  • I know we're appreciating Gaston here. That wasn't my question.

    I just wanted to know exactly which characteristic about Gaston that you yourself appreciate about him in all his existence (albeit it is fictional).
  • He is a well-written antagonist that feels real to me. I'm not a big fan of "evil" villains who are based on a simplistic black-and-white world view.

    Gaston is someone who could actually exist in our world. In fact, I'm sure a lot of us have met someone similar to Gaston. Compare that to, say, Jafar.
  • Just finished playing LeFou in a high school production of Beauty And The Beast, which gave me quite an opportunity to appreciate Gaston. ;)
  • Just found this while being bored online:


    The only limits are your imagination.
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