The film soundtrack is in stores again.

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Hello, I am the self-proclaimed president of The Church of Howard Ashman. Seeing as the church currently does not exist, anyone who wants to be the president is as much the president as anyone else. Ha!

Anyway, onto the news.

Amazon has the Little Shop of Horrors film soundtrack in stock, and I saw it today at Barnes and Noble.

Could this be alluding to the possible Blu-Ray release?

The one that might contain a Director's Cut?

The soundtrack itself has several errors alluding to the changes made to the film.

1. It contains the full version of The Meek Shall Inherit.
2. It contains Don't Feed the Plants under the name "Finale (Don't Feed the Plants)".
3. The little booklet thing contains a picture of Patrick Martin as he appears in the original ending.
4. Mean Green Mother from Outer Space ends with the original music cue that plays when Twoey eats Seymour.

These errors were always there, and I imagine it confused people who bought the soundtrack in the 80s/90s. Were they not fixed this time out of laziness, or because of something being planned? Even if they just weren't fixed this time around out of laziness, it still seems odd that they would suddenly put the CD back in stores now.

Something fishy's going on.


  • The movie was taken off YouTube, the soundtrack is being sold again.... I feel that good things are about to happen...

    And let me be the first to be a member of your church. :)
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    I think you're just going nuts. I've seen the soundtrack in stores before, and furthermore, movie companies don't want people seeing their movies for free.

    Furthermore, even if they did release the director's cut, I still dislike some (many) of the adaptational choices made for the movie, which still makes the play superior in my mind.
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    We might be going a little nuts (keep in mind that we started a small Howard Ashman cult in this thread), but sooner or later, a Blu-Ray will come out. And, given that the last time the film was released physically was in 1998, chances are, WB is at least in the early stages of a Blu-Ray release.

    And also, though I think the film is the best film ever made, I think the Off-Broadway and Broadway cast albums are far better than the film's soundtrack. Though Levi Stubs is awesome, it sounds like Audrey II is talking to himself during all of his tracks.
  • John (Omega), while I agree that the play is better than the movie even with the original ending, I think a director's cut with the original ending and the full version of The Meek Shall Inherit will make it so more people take LSOH seriously.
  • I don't know is Ms. Ashman is reading this, but I always wondered what Howard's thoughts on the changing of the ending for the movie were. I can't imagine he was for it, but I don't think I've ever read what his reaction was. Did he have any creative control that could have barred the movie studio from making the switch?

    If you ask me, the problem is not the unhappy ending, but "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space" which adds an extended build up to Seymour's demise. In any event, I think Howard's ending as written for the stage is far superior to both the finished movie's ending and the unused unhappy movie ending.
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    I have to admit, I like Seymour's altered death scene. It's the only thing I think the movie honestly improved on, aside from minor things like a changed lyric in Dentist! (and then they had to throw it away for the happy ending). Yeah, it's nice for Seymour to (attempt to) redeem himself with his death, but he still dies fighting the plant as hard as he can in MGMFOS. And it seems fitting that he gets a song leading up to his death-in the stage version, Seymour is the only person to not have a song preceding their death, despite being the central character.
  • I can tell you for sure that Howard wasn't happy about the changed ending and felt it made no sense within the structure of the film/play. He had no control over the film. I'm going to ask some others to weigh in on this, hoping their memories are more specific than mine.
  • I understand that sad endings are a bit much for the movie-going public to take. I wish Seymour and Audrey didn't go to live their dream life, though, because the reason they can afford it now is because of the plant. The structural change doesn't bother me as much as having the moral be the exact opposite of what it was previously.
  • Exactly, we want Seymour and Audrey to live happily ever after but the moral of the story is don't feed the plants - they fed the plant and still got their happy ending. Not the moral of the story.
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    *nerdy squeal*

    You'd be surprised how often people tell me when I mention my opinion on LSOH that I just don't like happy endings.
  • I agree with Mrs. Ashman and TacoWiz. I'll admit that I take satisfaction in the depression, though. It's just so *perfectly* depressing.
  • I really wish they would remaster that soundtrack and re-release it to tie in with the Blu-Ray release (but without that cover art, please!). The late-80s CD mastering sounds REALLY thin. With the 80 minute limit for CDs nowadays, they could also include the longer version of "Don't Feed the Plants," a couple of tracks from Miles Goodman's score, and some of the cut song demos.
  • I heard Your Day Begins Tonight may have actually been recorded. It would be nice to finally hear that. I still have no idea what it was about.
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    It was written for the version where they are last seen getting married & headed into the house. Use your imagination LOL
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